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The Essential Summer Ski Training Kit

Editors note: Post updated 6/24/20

The high elevation of most summer ski training venues can mean extreme variations in temperatures and weather conditions. Early mornings could be freezing cold and later in the day, it could be sweltering hot. Wind, rain and other extreme weather conditions are all a possibility too. Your best bet for the best summer ski camp experience is to make sure your summer ski training kit has all the gear you will need while away from home. Here’s our list of apparel that should be in your summer ski training kit.

Black Kat Flexshell Training Jacket


The Arctica Black Kat Flexshell Training Jacket is a purpose-built softshell jacket that is perfect for your summer ski training kit. It features incredible comfort and stretch thanks to our exclusive Flexshell 3-layer fabric. This laminated fabric is durable, waterproof, breathable and warm – but not too warm. The octagonal patterned microfleece provides warmth while still allowing perspiration and body heat to escape keeping you comfortable all day, no matter what the conditions. The collar is tall in the front to offer sun and wind protection for your face and “scooped out” in the back to enable it to fit with your helmet comfortably. This jacket is perfect for cooler summer ski days or days when you need a little added waterproofing and it will also transition well into 4-season use.

Packable Windbreaker

A man in an Arctica Packable Windbreaker at Mt Hood

The latest addition to the Arctica lineup, and possibly one of the most versatile, is the Packable Windbreaker. This minimalist pullover uses a nylon fabric with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish to offer both wind and water resistance. It is lightweight and highly packable, so it is easy to keep handy at summer ski camp for skiing, biking, hiking, dryland training and more. It will quickly become your ski racers go-to jacket for all summer activities.

Training Shorts


Arctica raining Short options - that Black Kat and the 2.0

No summer ski training kit would be complete without a pair of training shorts. Training shorts offer insulation where you need it most to keep the larger muscles in the lower body warm. They also provide abrasion resistance, when worn over a speed suit. And keep your bottom dry when it is wet out. At Arctica, we offer two types of training shorts – the Black Kat Flexshell Shorts and 2.0 Training Shorts. They are part of our summer skiing essentials and in our summer ski training kit and think they should be in yours too.

Speed Suit

Young ski racer at Mt Hood wearing an essential items from his summer ski racing kit - a speed suit.

Photo Credit: Becky Stone

No ski racer should be without a speed suit. Not just for summer ski training, a speed suit should be part of every ski racers kit all year ’round. This essential piece of ski racing apparel can provide your child with both the high tech performance they need as well as the mindset to help them ski their fastest. Not convinced? Read 5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs an Arctica Race Suit.

At Arctica, we specialize in ski racing apparel. We have everything your young ski racer needs for ski racing and training in both the winter and the summer.

Is this your child’s first trip to summer ski camp? Read our blog post: First Time at Summer Ski Camp at Mt Hood for more helpful tips!

Cover Photo Credit: Becky Stone

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