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5 Reasons Everyone Needs an Arctica Race Suit

Why you need an Arctica race suit

The Arctica race suit is unmatched in quality, performance, and value. Here are our top 5 reasons why everyone should be wearing an Arctica Raceflex GS Speed Suit. Arctica race suits are:

Stylish and unique

At Arctica, we pride ourselves on our unique designs. Because of this, our designers strive to use colors and patterns to create stylish speed suits that are bright and bold, but not garish. As a result, we have heard many times from athletes that their favorite thing about their Arctica race suit is that it is so unique.

Quote from junior ski racer Martha Daniels about her Arctica race suit.


Arctica’s race suits are engineered to ensure the best possible fit for the widest range of athletes. They feature 9 panel, fully anatomical construction with 16 removable high impact pads strategically placed for protection. These speed suits are made of high quality, proprietary 3-layer all-way stretch micro-polyester fabric called Raceflex. The inner layer is soft, wicking polyester combined with and inner microporous membrane to help regulate body temperature and feel good against the skin. The outer layer is a tightly knit, high stretch polyester to protect you from the elements. Additionally, this tighter-knit outer layer gives the fabric more powerful stretch and recovery, which also makes the suit warmer and creates a more precise fit.


The Arctica Raceflex fabric has high elasticity so it will endure many seasons of use without stretching out or losing shape. Consequently, this high tech polyester fabric is also resistant to pilling and friction-related damage. We also sew it with an elastic thread and a higher than average stitch count for more durability. All-in-all this durable ski racing suit will stand up to even the most rugged junior ski racers.

Quote from high school ski racer Ethan Seigwart about his Arctica race suit.

Priced right

Arctica ski racing suits are $350 for an adult race suit and $300 for a kids ski racing suit. You won’t find another speed suit on the market with so many features at such a reasonable price. Similar suits from other brands cost $550 – $575 for adults and $375 – $379 for kids. That’s just crazy!

Arctica Ranger GS Speed Suit

FIS approved

All Arctica race suits conform to the FIS specifications CS 2015 rule, which has also been adopted by the USSA.  It applies to all U19 athletes (16 years of age and up). This means these suits are all FIS legal for Giant Slalom, Super G and Downhill. Beginning with the 2018-19 race season, all race suits must have the FIS certification logo printed on the back of the leg. So if you are hoping to get more than one season out of a suit, make sure it has the label on the leg now. All of our ski suits bear the FIS CS 2015 label on the leg. Don’t be caught at the starting gate in a suit that isn’t certified. If you are, you might not be allowed to race!

We feel every ski racer needs an Arctica Speed Suit, we hope you agree.

Editors note: This post was updated on 11/26/19 to include information about and images of ski racing suits for the current season.

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  1. Avatar photoGreg says

    Hello Arctica,

    We love your race suits. I have a 13 year old son who’s grown rapidly and now has the proportions of a bean sprout. He’s 68.5” tall but only weighs 100 lbs. What size suit would you recommend? Should
    I focus on his height more than on his weight and waist size?


    • Avatar photoArctica says

      We always say height measurements trump weight when determining size for ski racing suits. At 68.5″ tall he should technically be in an adult medium race suit, but at 100lbs the size medium suit will be quite baggy. At age 13, a male body is just starting to experience a period of very rapid growth, so I fear if you go with an adult size small, it will work for the most part right now, but might not even make it through a full season if he grows at all (in height or weight). That being said, if his height is all in his legs and not his torso…then maybe an adult small could work.

  2. Avatar photoKaren says

    Hi, I am interested in a speed suit for my 15year old son. He is 153cm tall and a slim build.
    He is in his last year as a junior therefore I felt it was worth buying a fis approved suit.
    Would you ship to the UK?
    Many thanks

    • Avatar photoarctica says

      Hi Karen- At 153cm tall he should be wearing an Adult XS speed suit. Here is a link to our size charts so you can confirm the other measurements work. We do ship to the UK. I am not sure whether it would be more advantageous for you to order from our US site or our European site. The US site has more inventory currently available, but would charge for shipping to the UK. Whereas the EU site that ships from our EU warehouse should ship to you for free – but the new 2019 styles are not yet available there. Please note on the EU site, the pricing is in Euros.Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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