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Summer Skiing Essentials: Arctica Race Shorts 2.0

Race shorts are essential for ski racers

If your junior ski racer loves the Arctica side zip pant 2.0 full side zip ski pants, they need a pair of the Arctica Race Training Shorts 2.0 for race training. Race shorts for skiing are made to be worn over a ski race suit. They do not restrict mobility as much as their full length counterpart, the full side zip ski pant. Born from the same pattern as the Arctica full side zip ski pants 2.0, the Arctica race shorts 2.0 will fit the same.

Race shorts extend the life of other more expensive gear

Regular daily on snow training is hard on clothing – especially on a micro polyester knit fabric like lycra that ski race suits are made out of. With daily ski training and regular ski racing it doesn’t take long for a 10 or 11 year old to make a brand new ski race suit look like a big brother or sister’s 3 year old hand-me-down.


Red Race Training Shorts Top Detail

Race shorts are versatile

Race shorts for skiing aren’t just for spring/summer use. Race shorts are a versatile piece of ski race gear that can be used all year long.

  • Wear race shorts to keep quads warm. In the winter, these non-bulky insulators will keep your young athlete’s quads warm and performing their best, even on the coldest of days. Warm muscles are less prone to injury. There’s some race training days that ski pants just don’t work on the hill -but race shorts do.
  • Wear race shorts to keep dry. These waterproof shorts for skiing will keep your junior ski racer’s butt dry on even the warmest and wettest ski days. No more yelling at them to get up off the snow!
  • Wear race shorts for protection from abrasion. Not only do these race training shorts offer a waterproof barrier between your speed suit and the snow, but they also provide an excellent abrasion resistant layer that will keep your kids ski race suit looking and performing it’s best longer. Race shorts can provide an extra layer of protection against metal springs or hooks on poma’s and lift chairs, the abrasive rope on an old rope tow, velcro from gloves, splinters from picnic benches, grease from ski lifts, and well…dirt and snow!
  • Wear race shorts for protection from chemicals. Chemicals are sometimes added to the snow to make it harder – especially for summer ski camps. This chemical is sodium or calcium based which also produces a sharper, more abrasive snow crystal. Net result of all this dirty and abrasive snow? More wear and tear on your child’s ski race suit. Don’t get me wrong, these corrosive and abrasive materials will also affect your race shorts, but not nearly as much as it would affect lycra. Plus these shorts are a lot less expensive to replace than a ski race suit.

Young skier in Arctica jacket photo
What once may have seemed like a useless piece of gear (shorts for skiing?!?!?) will soon become one of your junior ski racers most frequently used pieces of ski gear!

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