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First time at summer ski camp at Mt Hood

Is your child going to summer ski camp at Mt Hood for the first time?

Here’s 7 things to know before they go

Don’t be the mom saying, “I wish someone had told me that before summer ski camp”! Here’s 7 key things to make your life easier and your kids first summer ski camp experience at Mt Hood more enjoyable.

1. Prepare for all weather and temperatures at Mt Hood summer ski camp

It may be summer, but it can still get really cold on the glacier at Mt. Hood. Don’t take for granted that it is summer, make sure your child is prepared for all weather conditions. Summer skiing in Oregon is not like spring skiing in New England -all sunny blue skies and corn snow. Temperatures could be in the low 30’s to high 70’s depending on the week.
Prepare for all weather and all conditions for your first time to summer ski camp at Mount Hood.

Make sure your child has a good, high quality, lightweight, packable insulated jacket like the Arctica Speed Freaks hoody that can be used as a mid-layer or an outerwear piece. Also key are multiple pairs of ski gloves or mittens. On the warm days, gloves get wet quick. Make sure they take at least 2 pairs of gloves or mitts. I would really suggest 3 or 4 pairs – so when they forget (like kids do) to put them on the dryer when they get back to their room at the end of a long day -they still have 1 or 2 pairs of dry gloves or mitts for the next day. One of those pairs of gloves should be a pair of spring gloves. And never underestimate some rubber dishwashing gloves either. They are great, completely waterproof gloves that will take up zero room in their luggage and keep their hands dry on a rainy day. Oh, yeah, Don’t forget to pack a rain coat. It’s pretty much a guarantee it will rain in the Pacific Northwest at some point during their summer ski camp. If you have waterproof pants -send them too. Even if they don’t use the rain jacket and pants to ski, they might need them for hiking or around town. Another key piece of summer ski camp gear -training shorts. Shorts will keep their quads warm and their butts dry. We’d like to suggest the Arctica Race Training Short 2.0.

2. Collaboration is key for efficient summer ski camp packing

Talk to other kids who are heading to the same camp. Can they collaborate on tuning supplies? One kid takes an iron, another kid takes brushes, another one takes file guides. This way they end up with a full tuning kit to use amongst 4 or so kids and if something gets lost or left behind at summer ski camp – it’s not their whole tuning kit that needs to be replaced. Collaborating on ski packing works well too. If you don’t have a ski bag long enough for all the skis you need to take, ask your kids friend with the longest ski bag to take your child’s Super G skis. In exchange your child will take their SL skis in their bag.

3. Ski and boot bags are considered one bag on most airlines

Yes, you heard me right. Two separate bags -a long, heavy ski bag and a smaller usually triangle shaped backpack type boot bag are counted as ONE BAG on most airlines. Check with your airline to make sure. Knowing this takes a lot of trouble out of packing and trying to figure out how you are ever going to get it all in. This means your child can take on the plane, without paying an extra baggage fee: a big piece of luggage, a ski bag, a boot bag and a carryon! One of those cheap nylon promotional drawstring backpack type bags you got at that last conference you attended works great for a carryon bag for your child that also double as an inexpensive ‘diddy bag’ to get their water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses and snacks to the ski hill or on day hikes (that doesn’t matter if it gets lost).

4. Boot Dryers are your kids best friend at summer ski camp

Small, lightweight, easily packable drop in boot dryers like the DryGuy Travel Dry DX are an absolute necessity for kids at summer ski camp. Pack them in the checked baggage for hassle free travel. If there’s room to send a larger free standing convection or forced air boot dryer – do it. The DryGuy Force Dry DXBoot and Glove Dryer is a good one. It dries boots and gloves at the same time and only takes 1 -3 hours.
Boot fitting at Peak SKi Shop before summer ski camp.

Photo Credit: Peak Ski Shop

5. Make sure all their ski gear fits properly before they go to summer ski camp

Don’t assume because it fit the last day they skied in March or April that it still fits in July. Make your kid try every single piece of ski racing gear that they will be taking to summer ski camp on before they take it to camp. Make sure they try it on in enough time to be able to get to a ski shop or to mail order it to be shipped if it doesn’t fit. 3 to 4 weeks prior to summer ski camp is a good timeframe to make sure their gear still fits with enough time to replace it if it does not.

6. What is the electronics policy for the summer ski camp?

iPods and tablets might be great for on the plane to and from summer ski camp, but they might not be allowed at camp.  If you are allowed to send these electronic devises, make sure the “Find my iPhone/iPad” apps are turned on and working. Make sure you know the summer ski camp electronics policy before they go to avoid any potential problems.
Summer ski camp checklist.

7. Pack a return checklist for them to use when they leave summer ski camp

Give your child a checklist of everything you pack in their bags to take with them. Organize it by bag so they know what fits where to help them pack for their return home. This will lessen the chance of them forgetting something or coming home with something that is not theirs.
Summer ski camp is an awesome experience that will teach your child so much more than just skiing. Knowing a few of these tips from those who have been there will help to insure that your kids first trip goes as smoothly as a seasoned summer ski camp veterans trips does.
Is there anything else you have been told by someone who has been to summer ski camp that you can add to this list? Please share!

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