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Don’t hand it down – retire it

There’s no denying it. Ski racing is expensive. Especially when your kids are growing like weeds. For the third year in a row, at least one of them has grown out of all their ski racing gear. It’s been nearly impossible to buy new ski racing apparel. To save money you have been handing down gear for years.

When to say when

Unfortunately, those orange full side zip pants that have been passed down twice now are so stained they just kind of look brown. And that race suit that has been through five kids already (the Smith’s three, and now two of yours) …is so worn out in the behind you can almost see through it. Poor Olivia, the youngest of the bunch gets all the hand-me-downs each season. Regardless of gender/color and how many times it’s been worn. How many times have you said to yourself, “I wish I could just buy little Olivia some new ski racing gear of her own” ?

Junior ski racer in hand-me-down ski racing apparel.


New ski racing apparel for the whole family

Now, you CAN buy new. Until Arctica came along, there just wasn’t any alternative. You had to pay the price to get the big brand name with all the high profile sponsorships. But now we’re changing the game. At Arctica, we feel cost should not be the barrier to entry for the sport. We hope to make ski racing more accessible by offering high quality apparel at an exceptional value┬áthat is backed with excellent customer service. Supporting our mission┬áto foster growth and support families interested in ski racing, our race suits, jackets and side zip pants are family budget friendly.

Young ski races at Jack Frost wearing their Arctic ski racing apparel.

So when planning for next season, don’t hand it down. Just retire it.

Get the youngest her own race suit. Whatever pattern SHE wants. And the oldest? Let her get a new suit – in girls colors! Don’t worry about having to get something gender neutral to pass down. At $300 for an adult race suit and $250 for a youth race suit, you won’t find a new FIS approved race suit for less. Not to mention great kids side zip race pants for $160. For the best ski racing apparel at the best price, buy Arctica.

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