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What Makes Arctica Side Zip Pants So Good?

The Arctica brand was built on side zip pants for ski racers. Having a young ski racer in the family and being friends with many ski racing families, we realized the need for high quality full side zip pants in colors other than black. We also realized the need for a high quality pant at a better value. So we decided to build a better ski pant.

Well designed ski pants

We started out with a good design. We used our years of experience in apparel manufacturing and our knowledge of ski racers and their needs to build a higher quality ski pant.

Our Side Zip 2.0 pants are dry and impervious to gate burn. They utilize our Dura10 shell fabric. This durable nylon fabric is impervious to gate burn and has a minimum waterproof/breathable rating of 10,000mm. These full side zip pants are fully seam sealed making them technically waterproof.

Many ski pant manufacturers do not fully seal all of the seams on their pants. To save money many companies only critically seal their seams. This means only a seam in a high use area, like the behind would be seam sealed, the rest would be left susceptible to water penetration.

Our Side Zip 2.0 pants are warm. They utilize our proprietary synthetic Heat40 insulation. This insulation is similar to Thinsulate ™ Original. Light weight and breathable, this insulation is warm even on the coldest of ski days.

Arctica Side Zip Pant 2.0 in blue, red, optic yellow and navy.

Side zip pants in colors and prints

Once we designed the best side zip ski pant we decided to offer more colors than have ever been available before. With eight colors plus black in our Side Zip Pant 2.0 there is a side zip pant to match every jacket out there. There are standard primary colors like red and navy. Plus primary yellow kicked up a notch to optic yellow to offer higher visibility and to coordinate with today’s brighter colors. There’s also blue, which is brighter than navy, more like a royal blue.

Arctica Side Zip Pant 2.0 in green and orange.

From the tertiary colors we offer green and orange. The green is a nice grass green. Not quite as dark as a kelly green, but not as light as a lime green. A good medium tone that works great with black, pink, blue, yellow and even red and orange! The orange is a nice true orange. Think pumpkin orange.

Artica Side Zip Pants 2.0 in pink and sky.

In addition to the main primary and tertiary colors we offer secondary pastel colors sky and pink. While both of these colors do tend to skew more female, they are a unisex pant and could be worn by both males and females. Sky is a nice light blue. When paired with a feminine color like pink, it definitely skews female. But when paired with masculine colors like black, navy or even green it can skew male. The pink is a bright candy pink. Certainly a predominantly female color, but we are finding some teenage boys opting for this color on occasion too.

Arctica Animal side zip pants.

If you are looking for something more than a solid color pant, we’ve also got 4 prints available. Our Animal Side Zip Pants feature fun cheetah and crocodile prints. The cheetah print is available in blue and pink. The croc is available in black and purple.

Stretch side zip pants available

For a side zip pant that is “a little more grown up” – we’ve got you covered. Our GT Stretch Side Zip Pants offer the comfort of 4-way stretch fabric with the performance of a high quality nylon full side zip ski pant. With a full host of features and a slimmer fit this pant is sure to please even the most demanding alpine athlete.

Great Value

The Arctica Side Zip 2.0 Pant is the best value for a full side zip ski pant on the market. In our youth side zip pants, we offer all the same great features as our adult pants. Unlike other side zip ski pants for kids, we don’t compromise any features or dumb the design down for the kids.

All these factors make Arctica side zip ski pants the best full side zip ski pants on the market.

Three Skiers in Full Side Zip Pants sitting.


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  1. Avatar photoStuart Cole says

    I like the side zip pants a lot, and even more because I got them in white. I was tired of guys’ pants always being black, or dark. I hope you bring white back again, but I like the new colors too.

  2. Avatar photolance king says

    I am a huge fan of Arctica outerwear. I started using my sidezip pants Feb 2011 as my severe weather lowers. I still use them in storm conditions and they still keep me dry, even sitting on wet/snow chair lifts! My experience with BigName outers is after 5 seasons-max the butt and thighs go wet. I have an Arctica Parka that is amazing (only several seasons so far), and another (non side zip) Arctica pants I bought for $40. Love your stuff!
    My side zips are wearing out big time on the cuffs just from serious use and sharp skis: Gorilla Tape is a godsend. But I put in 60+ days/season and over 2M vert feet; I really use my equipment. Good for you guys with quality, serious technical wear.
    thanx, Lance

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