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How it all started

I started skiing in the early 70’s when my parents took the family to Squaw Valley for an Easter vacation. It was just about the coolest thing I had every done. I remember how in awe I was of anyone who was good. I was desperate to be like them. The clothes and the equipment were so different than anything I had known before. I was new to the West Coast having recently moved from NYC.
My first job was in the rental shop of a California ski shop called Sporthaus in Westwood Village near UCLA. That was pretty cool for a kid in high school. I loved the smell of hot wax and the sound of files sharpening the dull edges of a customers 205 cm Rossignol Stratos. I was finally part of the scene that I was so in awe of at that first trip to Squaw Valley.
It’s 40 years later and I have skied every year since. I proposed to my wife on top of Mammoth Mountain. I also have a fantastic son who has adopted my passion for skiing and races with the local junior race leagues.
I love this sport.

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