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Product Spotlight: Raceflex GS Speed Suit

We didn’t invent the ski race suit, we just made it better

The Arctica Raceflex GS Speed Suit is revolutionizing the ski racing industry. It is the first ski race suit on the market that is FIS legal and costs less than $500 for an adult race suit (way less!). All other alpine ski race suits on the market that use a fabric that meets the FIS 30ml air porosity test cost $525 – $575 for an adult speed suit. We’re here to prove it does not have to be that way.

It is very labor-intensive, time-consuming and costly to manufacture a good looking, high quality, FIS approved ski race suit – there is no denying that. But it doesn’t mean they have to cost $525 – $575. Arctica is proof positive that it is possible to do all these things and offer this race suit for $350. Gone are the days of faded and stretched out hand-me-down race suits. Now every ski racer can have a brand new race suit!

New youth Butterfly Raceflex GS speed suit from Arctica.


Revolutionary New Raceflex GS Speed Suit

The Arctica Raceflex ski race suit features new fabric, construction, and fit. We hope to lead the market and compel all race suit manufacturer’s to offer a race suit that conforms to FIS specifications CS 2015 at a more affordable price.

FIS CS 2015 label on the new Arctica RaceFlex Race Suits


The Arctica Raceflex GS speed suit utilizes a proprietary, technical 3-layer all-way stretch micro-polyester fabric called Raceflex. We worked with our fabric mill for 18 months to create the Raceflex fabric. The fabric is made up of an inner layer of soft, wicking polyester combined with an inner microporous membrane and an outer layer of tightly knit, high stretch polyester. The new Raceflex fabric has high elasticity, is durable, takes print well and is resistant to pilling and friction-related damage. The RaceFlex fabric meets the FIS 30ml air porosity test requirements. All Raceflex ski race suits will bear the FIS CS 2015 Label that attests to the conformity of the FIS rules.

The front zipper area of Arctica's new FIS approved GS race suit, the Arctica RaceFlex Speed Suit.



All of Arctica’s race suit patterns have been completely reengineered to insure the best possible fit for the widest range of athletes. The Arctica Raceflex GS speed suit uses 9 panel fully anatomical construction and elastic thread for comfort and fit. Each suit is cut and printed individually by hand using a special process to ensure bright colors and long-lasting graphics. For added protection, there are 16 high impact pads strategically placed on the arm, back, and legs that are all removable. To keep the suit comfortably in place we use a thumb anchor strap on the sleeves, silicone grip tape on the ankles and a spring-loaded zipper. Each race suit also has a small piece of fabric inside the top of the zipper for extra comfort and warmth. The Arctica Raceflex GS speed suit also has more stitching per inch to make it more durable.

Arm detail on Arctica RaceFlex GS Speed Suit, our new FIS approved GS race suit.


The new Raceflex fabric is a tighter knit fabric so it has more powerful stretch and recovery which helps create a more precise fit. A tighter knit fabric with less air porosity also makes the suit feel slightly warmer and makes the suit faster. Changes to the pattern included elongating the torso and raising the armholes to create a better fit as well.  The Arctica RaceFlex GS Speed Suit feels more fitted than previous Arctica race suits but should fit more people and better. The Arctica Raceflex GS Speed Suit is available in Adult sizes XS – XL and Youth sizes small, medium and large.

The Arctica RaceFlex GS speed suit in charcoal.

Not your average speed suit

The Arctica Raceflex GS Speed Suit is unmatched in quality, performance and value. It’s a FIS approved ski race suit available at $350 adult/$300 kids.

Editors note: This blog post was updated on 11/26/19 to reflect current season information.