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The Arctica Half Christmas Sale

Look, this summer thing is really a buzz kill for ski racing. Often, I catch my skis staring at me from my closet. They look so forlorn, so distant. I want to use them right now. But then I snap back to reality and engage in some other summer hobby.

Your New Tradition: Half-Christmas

Luckily for us dreamers with seasonitus, a popular TV show (Workaholics) invented a holiday that we reckon is right up there with the real deal: Half Christmas. Not to take away the beauty of the actual Christmas, which is generally marked by some glistening white powder and presents and family and amazing traditions. But the ridiculousness of celebrating a winter holiday in the middle of summer is only matched by the serious benefits of this new tradition. Think about it: egg nog, Santa hats, Hawaiian shirts, Christmas carols, friends, family, and possibly a new ski jacket at half-price.

Merry Half Christmas

That’s right. Arctica Race is offering a limited time offer: 50% off all regular price items from noon until midnight on Half-Christmas. Or in other words: Half day, Half Christmas, Half off.

Simple enter discount code HC50 at checkout.

So indulge a bit. ‘Tis the season. And while you’re at it, if you’re celebrating Half-Christmas, send us some photos (on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or e-mail [email protected]) and we’ll throw up your pics on our next blog post!

Let’s pretend it’s winter for a day, and let’s get weird!

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