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These Vintage Ski Posters Are Awesome

There’s a whole treasure trove of history available in the form of vintage ski posters. Thanks to the internet, a lot of it is accessible to the average Joe. So we got a bit obsessed with searching for awesome vintage skiing artwork and wanted to showcase a few of our favorites. Check ’em out and let us know in the comments¬†if you have any better ones!
Charmonix Mont-Blanc
There are so many great French skiing posters. The French seemed to be masters of elegant design. I think this poster above was the most awesome because of the scenery, font, and of course the flying couple (including the woman’s classy skiing dress).
Ski fun shasta
This poster almost looks like it could be modern. We like this one because the two in it are obviously earlier forms of ski racers.
Winter in Bayern
Well, this isn’t exactly a skiing poster, but this guy looks like he’s having so much fun, so we had to include this one.


Ski Colorado
This might be my favorite. I love Colorado skiing, and I love the art. Like, this is actually really awesome artwork.
Ski School 2


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