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Product Profile: 2014 Arctica Side Zip Pants

You’ve assuredly heard of them. Ski racers know them for their immaculate fit, toasty warmth, and speedy aerodynamic design. Everyone else on the mountain¬†knows them for their beautiful design, their ability to stand out from the crowd, and because the fastest skiers on the mountain are wearing them. They’ve been known to make snowboarders switch to skiing at the blink of an eye, and, wearing them, a racer can probably get close to hitting terminal velocity on the toughest of GS courses.

We’re talking, of course, about the Arctica Side Zip Pants, and good news racers: our shipment of 2014 Arctica Side Zip pants has arrived!

Check out these great photos of the 2014 Arctica Side Zip pants, and shop for them at


Three skiers sitting
Skier in Orange and Green Artica Pants



Artica Side Zip Pants 8 colors


Ski Group Photo


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