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New 2014-2015 Product Spotlight: Arctica Flower GS Speed Suit

Arctica Racers! We’ve got a whole slew of new products for y’all this winter, to keep you warm, fast, good looking, and winning. Let us start out by shining a spotlight on the Arctica Flower GS Speed Suit.

Freshly rolled out for our 2014 product launch, the Arctica Flower GS Speed Suit was colorfully designed and painstakingly engineered to make you ski fast and look good. It’s available in black and white (pictured below), and you can order them online by clicking here:
Here’s the description from the Arctica Race website:
Arctica GS Speed Suits are constructed with a heavyweight two layer micro polyester knit fabric that has high elasticity and breathability and passes the FIS 30ml air porosity requirements. Each suit is cut by hand and is “deep printed” using a special process to insure bright colors and long lasting graphics. Nine panel fully anatomic construction and elastic thread insure the best possible comfort and fit. Spring loaded zipper pulls and silicone cuff grips insure that your suit is in place and close to the body. Of course all pads are removable to customize per racer preference.


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