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Have You Ever Tried to Buy a Speed Suit in Summer?

If you have ever tried to buy an alpine ski racing speed suit in summer, you know in years gone by it was almost impossible. But we’re changing that game. At Arctica we have speed suits available all year long.

Many ski shops close down for the summer. Or put away all their winter inventory and break out the patio furniture, kayaks and/or bikes. If you can find a ski shop that is open to buy a ski racing suit from, chances are their stock is slim pickings. They probably only ordered a few speed suits to begin with so what they have left on hand is the few that did not sell in the last nine months. At you can always find a great selection of speed suits – even in the summer.

Shop online for a ski racing speed suit in summer on

Speed suit inventory

Most major manufacturers produce speed suits once a year and deliver in October. They only produce enough suits for the orders they have and once the suits are sold out, they are gone. At Arctica, we produce enough speed suits to last the entire season. Sure, some sizes and colors will occasionally sell out. But we still have the largest selection of speed suits in the industry in stock and available at all times. In fact, right now we have sixteen adult styles and 12 youth styles available on our website.

You can buy an alpine ski racing speed suit in summer at These are just 3 of the many suits we have available.

The dawn of a new era

We know that ski racers don’t just race and train in winter. They also race and train in the summer. And there are lots of ski racers in the Southern Hemisphere. Sometimes, you just can’t wait another day/week/month to buy a new speed suit. You need a new speed suit now. We want you to be able to buy what you need when you need it.

So when you need to buy a speed suit in summer, head to No matter what time of year you need a speed suit, we’ve got the best selection there is.

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