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9 Amazing American Ski Towns To Consider On Your Next Vacation

America is studded with amazing ski resorts. From the west coast all the way to New England, we’ve got no shortage of great resorts to practice our craft at. For this article, though, we wanted to lay out some of the best ski towns. Things like restaurants, family friendly entertainment, craft breweries, scenery, and charm played into making this short list. Some of the towns won’t surprise you on this list, but hopefully some of them will. Either way, use this as a bucket list for your next few vacations. Put on some Side Zip pants and let’s head to America’s best ski towns:

Vail, Colorado

vail colorado photo

Vail is likely the most famous of American ski towns – and with good reasons. With its classic good looks ¬†and charm (designed in the fashion of European ski towns) and its world class skiing, you can’t go wrong with a family vacation to Vail.

Galena, Illinois

galena illinois photo

Galena is our surprise hit on this list. I’m probably biased growing up near there, but Galena consistently tops lists of America’s Most Beautiful Small Towns and America’s Best Main Streets. In addition, Chestnut Mountain is one of the better resorts in the Midwest, especially for ski racers with its great ski team. This town is definitely worth a visit.

Bend, OR

bend oregon badge

You can’t discount a city with 19 craft breweries. Bend, OR also has an amazing downtown filled with unique restaurants and shops, and Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort is awesome. 6. Revelstoke, British Columbia

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

jackson hole wyoming photo

Jackson Hole is clearly one of the best in the West. It’s super steep, packed with powder, and therefore a solid choice for any serious skiers and racers. But it’s also a charming town that appeals to skiers of all levels. Truly a unique place.

Telluride, Colorado

telluride colorado photo

Telluride is a charming and small isolated town in Colorado, and it’s the perfect place for skiers of any level. Originally a mining town, it retains that aesthetic maybe more than any other resort town. A great place to bring the family.

Aspen, Colorado

aspen colorado photo

As Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber said, Aspen is “a place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.” Another one of the famous names in the American ski town scene, Aspen is one you’ll want to make it to at some point, as its truly beautiful – even for non-skiers.

Stowe, Vermont

stowe vermont photo

Stowe, Vermont is one of the classic east coast ski hubs. In fact, it’s got some of the best skiing in the area. But it doesn’t stop at powder and trails. The town itself is truly charming, reminiscent of European ski towns. The views are incredible, the vibe is chill, and the culture is great.

Park City, Utah

park city utah photo

…Obviously. Park City is a beautiful old mining-town, filled with exquisite restaurants and stores. It’s great for skiers, of course – the resort is home to the US Ski Team. But even if you’re not so great on skis, there are plenty of attractions, including the Sundance Film Festival.

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