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8 Words That Mean Something Totally Different To Ski Racers

Sports are filled with jargon, and skiing is no different. Ski racing jargon is some of the craziest assortment of phrases of any sport. Here are 8 words that mean something totally different if you ski race.

This list could not be possible without the A – Z of Ski Slang Terms from Chalet Babu.

1. Yard Sale – A big fall in which a skier or snowboarder loses their skis, gloves, hat and poles across the piste, thus resembling a yard sale!

8 Words That Mean Something Totally Different To Ski Racers on Arctica


2. Bombing – Going downhill at a reckless speed without regard for others.

Bombing Gif
3. Chowder – Chopped-up powder.

We Understand Gif

4. Chocolate Chips – These are the end of season rocks to be found peeking out of the snow and tear up your ski or board base.

Cookie to mouth gif

5. Death Cookies – Icy chunks of snow that cover the pistes like gravel – yuk!

Cartoon Eats Cookies

6. Milk Run – First ski run of the day.


7 & 8. French Fry and Pizza – Metaphors used to teach beginning ski racers how to control speed.

South Park


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