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You know you’re a ski racer when…

1. You complain about the cold when you’re bundled up in winter clothes and it’s -10, but have no problem whipping down an icy course in a speed suit when it’s -30 and windy.
2. You wax and sharpen your skis 2-3 times per week.
3. You own 4 pairs of the same set of skis.
4. Your hair never looks good on the weekends.
5. Ski socks are a fashion statement
6. Your favorite pants zip up on the sides and have suspenders.
Three Skiers Sitting At Start Line
7. You’re out racing in a one-piece speed suit in -30 degree whether when normal people are sipping hot cocoa by a fireplace
8. You race people to slow signs.
9. You go through a roll of duct tape every month.
10. You memorize courses better than you memorize vocabulary.
11. You drive like 10 hours each weekend.
Skier number 658
12. Google tan.
13. You know snowboarders aren’t that cool.
14. You never talk to anyone on the chairlift
15. You’ve skied through ruts so deep you can’t see the next gate.

16. A voice in your head counts you down when you take off from red lights.
Happy Skier
17. You buy your running shoes a few sizes too small – when they fit comfortably, they just don’t feel right.

18. You haven’t had toenails since you forever.
19. You’ve casually said to yourself, “Probably getting frostbite today.”
20. You spend your Friday nights tuning skis.
22. Squats.

23. Your friends wonder where you are for five months out of the year.

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