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Win Ski Racing GS Suit, Enter Arctica’s New Contest

After launching a very successful contest where we gave away a pair of our famous full side zip pants (the Side Zip 2.0’s) (congratulations, Tara!), we’ve decided to give away more ski racing apparel.
Growing up around the ski hill, Arctica Race knows that there is no better feeling than a fresh and new ski racing speed suit. The colors on a new GS suit seem so much brighter, and I’ll be damned if I don’t ski faster when I’m wearing a new speed suit.
skis above head blue speed suit
So we’ve decided to pass some good fortune onto you guys. We’re launching another competition. This time, the grand prize is a real gem: our highly technical and well researched & designed GS Speed Suit!
We’re doing this by means of a Facebook contest.So what does this mean, how do you enter? Well, for one, it means you need to like us on Facebook. After that, it’s really easy. All you need to do is:
-Like the photo (this one right here)
-Share the photo
That’s it? Basically.
You should tell all your friends, too. Like, post it on every skier’s wall that you know. Don’t worry about your odds going down in the contest. Actually, the more times you share the photo, the more times your name is entered into the contest. So, please, share away!
And always remember: Arctica Racers have more fun! (They look damn good in our speed suits, too.)

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