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The 5 Best Summer Ski Racing Camps

For those dreaming of colder days on the mountain, Arctica has compiled a list of the best summer ski camps to take your ski racing to the next level. Luckily, there’s still time to reserve a camp spot, book a flight, and step into ski boots this summer. Read on for our expert’s take on the best summer ski racing camps.


Mount Hood Summer Ski Camps:

summer ski camp

Image courtesy of Mount Hood Summer Ski Camps

MHSSC opened in 1979, and has been taking advantage of summer snow on Mount Hood’s Palmer Glacier ever since. With numerous years of experience, MHSSC delivers a professional-caliber training environment with a proven coaching staff. The camp is also renowned for its exciting afternoon activities including whitewater rafting, rock climbing, cliff jumping, mountain biking and many more. Weeklong sessions run from June 5th to August 20th, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your schedule. 


Keely’s Camp for Girls: 

summer ski racing

Image courtesy of Keely’s Camp Facebook page

This all-female summer camp has quickly become one of the most respected operations at Mount Hood. Keely Kelleher, a former U.S. Ski Team athlete, started Keely’s Camp on the premise that every female athlete deserves a female coach. The camp is known for its all-star female staff, composed of Olympians, World Cup racers, U.S. Ski Team alumni, NCAA athletes and world-class professionals. Girls attending Keely’s camp are sure to come away with positive role models and improved ski racing skills. If you’re looking for some cross-training this summer the camp offers backcountry skiing, whitewater kayaking and mountain biking camps in addition to their ski racing camps. 


Ligety Weibrecht Ski Camp: 

ski racing

Image Courtesy of Ligety Weibrecht Ski Camp

U.S. ski racing superstars, Ted Ligety and Andrew Weibrecht, lead this Mount Hood ski racing camp, along with many other notable U.S. Ski Team athletes, alumni, and coaches. This camp offers the opportunity to learn from the best while gaining personal insight into what it takes to reach the highest level of ski racing. Here you’ll find famous ski racers dedicated to sharing their experiences with mental prep, equipment, fitness, nutrition, teamwork and rest, as well as coaching ski racing techniques and tactics. 


Party Beach Ski Camps: 

summer ski camp

Photo courtesy of Party Beach Ski Camps

If you couldn’t tell by the name, Party Beach Ski Camps take fun seriously. They follow a unique model —  providing alpine race fundamentals and inclusive big mountain freeride skiing with each camp session. Party Beach even has its own “cliff drop” feature to help build all-around ski athleticism and confidence. They believe that fun is paramount to an athlete’s ski racing and personal development. Led by professional skier Marcus Caston and Olympic coach Lyndsay Strange, the coaches are passionate about skiing and are dedicated to cultivating an infectiously positive attitude. 


Austria Racing Camps:

ski racing camp

Photo courtesy of Austria Racing Camps Facebook page

For those looking to step out of the U.S. summer ski scene and into ski racing’s European heart, Austria Racing Camps deliver a well-respected ski racing curriculum and cultural experience. Camps are available at multiple Austrian venues. Utilizing Austria’s national training program for alpine coaches and certified ski instructors, Austria Racing Camps provide technical instruction in a small group environment. With a maximum coach-to-athlete ratio of 6:1, these camps set themselves apart with their emphasis on a high-quality experience in an elite environment.


Bonus: Your Club’s Summer Training Option:

mount hood summer ski campCamps organized by your club or ski team are always a great option. Benefits include an increased camaraderie between teammates and a continuous development progression with your winter coach. Often, these camps are organized with budget in mind. 

While these are some of our favorite camps, there are countless great options out there. Any opportunities to ski during the summer are sure to improve your winter ski racing while providing plenty of fun. If you’re headed to summer ski camp for the first time, be sure to check out our article on what it’s really like to go to summer ski camp. What are some of your favorite ski camps that we didn’t mention here? Tell us below! 

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