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A team jacket for all seasons and all reasons

The Arctica Speed Freak jacket is the most versatile jacket in your closet. It makes a great ski team jacket, ski club jacket or just a jacket for everyone in the family. The Speed Freak jacket is warm enough to be worn as an outerwear piece. Yet compressible enough to be worn as a mid layer. So no matter who you call your team – the Speed Freak jacket works!

Increase visibility

Matching jackets make ski trips a breeze. Nothing makes it easier to spot people in a crowd than matching team jackets. Works wonders on the ski slopes and in crowded lift lines.  You never forget what your kid is wearing when you are searching for them in an airport or crowded ski lodge either. Consequently, it also makes it easier for kids to find each other and to find their parents too.

Parks Ski Team in their Arctica ski team jackets

photo credit: Parks Ski Team

Promotes unity

Kids like to belong. Whether it be to a ski club, a ski team of just their family unit. A team jacket can help promote unity and make your child feel like they belong.

Taby Slalom Club of Sweden in their Arctica Speed Freak ski team jacket in Zermatt Switzerland

photo credit: Taby Slalomklubb of Sweden

Make a statement

Nothing makes a statement like a large group all wearing the same jacket. Build ‘your brand’, promote cohesiveness and make a statement in ski team jackets from Arctica.

Regardless of the size of your team – a family of 4, a group of 8 masters ski racers or a ski team or 70 we’ve got you covered. At once team orders available 365 days a year. See our Team Program page for more information.

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