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Ski Team Jacket Ordering at Arctica

Team jacket ordering at Arctica is different. At Arctica, team jackets are in stock and available to ship all year long. We stock three styles of jackets plus warm-up coats and race capes for team jacket orders. Plus, two of the jacket styles in our team jacket program are available in 4 colors. That’s a lot of team jacket choices!

Arctica Team Jacket Program

  • 11 jackets available
  • Order 365 days/year
  • 24 piece initial order minimum, any size, style or gender combination
  • Discount of at least 20% off of retail prices (depending on the size of order)
  • No minimums on reorders
  • Quick turn around times
  • One time logo set-up charges

You can order team jackets from Arctica to have customized by your local embroidery shop or to be customized by our embroiderer prior to delivery. If you are embroidering your jackets, we can have them to you within 7 – 10 days. If we are embroidering your jackets, you will have them in 6 – 8 weeks from the date of order.

How to order team jackets

  1. Browse our jacket selection online on our Team Apparel Page.
  2. Select the style of your choice and order samples of each size for try ons if you would like.
  3. Determine logo placement – logos can be applied on the front, back or sleeve.
  4. Determine quantities and sizes.
  5. Contact us to request a quote so you know your exact landed cost
  6. Place your order either online or via phone
  7. Receive your order shortly thereafter!

The UConn Alpine Ski Racing Team in their Arctica Team Jackets

The “old” way to order team jackets

For most organizations, placing a team jacket order has been an arduous task in the past. First, you have to find a company with a jacket that everyone can agree on. Then, make sure it can be embroidered and is priced within your budget. Next, you have to figure out how many of each size you need based on how much you think the kids will grow in the next year and who will be on the team. Finally, you need to make sure you get the order in by their deadline so the jackets are available when you need them.

Most ski apparel companies have a very limited selection of jackets that could work for customizing for a ski team. There are usually three issues. One, their brand logo takes up the place where you would like to put yours. Two, because of pockets and linings and insulation methods, these jackets are often difficult to actually embroider – you just can’t position the machine properly. Three, these jackets are on the same production schedule as the main products in their line. Therefore, teams must place their orders almost a full year in advance so that the jackets can be made during normal production runs. Determining the jacket size for a growing young ski racer almost a year in advance is nearly impossible. So ordering ski team jackets from most brands is not a viable option.

Businesses that offer team sportswear and other imprintable items do have product available all year long that is easy to embroider. But they don’t have jacket styles available that are durable enough to stand up to the rigors of ski racing and training. Or that will be warm enough. So that rules them out.

Taby Slalom Club of Sweden in their Arctica Speed Freak ski team jackets in Zermatt Switzerland

Team jacket ordering your way

We want to change the way people think about team jacket ordering. We want you to have a nice selection to choose from and the freedom to order when it is convenient for you. At Arctica, we stock team jackets all year long so you can plan your team order when it works for you – whether that be July, November or January – and have your jackets when you need them.

International Airline Ski Federation officials in Arctica team apparel at World Airline Ski Championships 2018

So go ahead, start planning your ski team jacket order now. Don’t wait until the ski season starts,  the jackets we have available now will be available all season long. Plan the order for your core group now, while you have some extra time, and then add on jackets in season. You will get the same discount and there are no minimums on reorders once you’ve placed your initial 24 piece order.

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