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Is Arctica a Good Fit for You?

There are so many ski apparel brands out there, and every brand has a specific demographic that they best serve. How do you know which brands fit your lifestyle? And where does Arctica apparel fit into the mix?

Arctica apparel is designed with the skiing family in mind. We seek to offer a durable, high quality product that is styled for the comfort of an avid skier and is priced at a good value for the money. When designing our products we pay attention to style, fit, durability, and value.

Arctica is a good fit for this young ski racer from Mammoth Lakes, CA.

High performance fabrics without the high price

We know what it is like to try to raise your skids skiing and ski racing. You need to be mindful of costs. And always searching for the best value for your dollar. That’s why we have developed proprietary fabrics like our Dura10, Flex20 and RaceFlex. And proprietary insulations like Heat40, Heat80 and Heat100. This enables us to provide you the same high quality, technical performance apparel as some other big brand names, without the big brand name price.

This couple agrees that Arctica apparel is a good fit for them.

Durable materials for long lasting performance

Anyone who skis regularly or ski races (or just has kids for that matter!) knows that this sport is hard on gear. You need skiing apparel that is abrasion resistant. It needs to hold color well. It needs to stand up to lots of washing and still remain waterproof. For your ski racers, it needs to be impervious to gate burn. It also needs to last multiple seasons and be able to be passed down from one sibling to the next. Arctica apparel is all of these things, and more!

Father and daughter that think Arctica is a good fit for them

Slimmer, more athletic fit

Arctica apparel has a true ‘alpine skiing’ cut. We design it with the alpine skier and ski racer in mind. We know that most alpine skiers and racers don’t want big, baggy, heavy clothing that could hinder your performance. You want apparel that is lightweight and comfortable as well as breathable and warm. All of our apparel will be more form fitting than some of the other brands out there. But by form fitting, we don’t mean tight. We mean cut to fit a skiers inseam properly. Or cut to fit the underarm well without leaving a lot of bulky fabric and insulation in the way.

Arctica offers high quality, technical performance apparel that is an exceptional value for the price. Give us a try. Designed with families and avid skiers and ski racers in mind, we think you will find Arctica a good fit for you.



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