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Inside Arctica’s new website design

We’ve redesigned our website with you in mind. Our website has a clean, minimalist design that is loaded with new features to make your shopping experience better and more secure. The new responsive design works well on all platforms and is mobile friendly to make shopping on-the-go convenient and easy. We’ve changed our name and simplified our url – is now While Arctica has a new site and a new name, we remain committed to providing the same outstanding product, value and service we always have.

What’s changed on Arctica’s new website?

Here’s some of the new elements we’ve incorporated to help make your online experience better:

  • Clean, Minimalist look
  • Responsive layout for all platforms
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy search function
  • Streamlined menus with clear navigation
  • Larger, high quality photos
  • Convenient, easier to read and easier to access size charts
  • Added functionality and features on product pages
  • Easy checkout
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Dynamic featured product content on the home page
  • Improved blog content, design and visibility

Please note, if you have shopped our website before, your account has been transferred to the new site. Because of our commitment to security, when you log into Arctica’s new website for the first time you will need to create a new password.

The new blog on Arctica's new website.

Have you seen our new blog?

The content on Arctica’s ski racing blog is geared towards ski racing parents, as well as ski racers of all ages. It’s intended to help you keep on top of what is going on in the ski racing world. We think you will find our ski racer oriented blog relevant and informative. We’ll be sharing information from the world of skiing and ski racing to educate, entertain and inspire you. This will include:

  • Information about race products
  • Personal interest stories from ski racers, ski clubs and ski teams
  • Information about USSA and FIS rules and regulations
  • Information about race ski shops
  • Stories from the USSA divisions
  • Collegiate ski team stories and news
  • National stories about US Ski Team athletes
  • International stories about non-pro athletes
  • International stories about Pro/World Cup level athletes
  • and more!!

We aspire to provide an interesting, easy and convenient way for you to stay informed and educated, as well as inspired! If you’ve got an idea for a blog post or a question that needs answering, let us know! We hope you will use our blog as a way to network with other ski racing parents, coaches and teams by commenting on our posts.

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