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Goat Leather Race Gloves and Mitts

Tired of paying a small fortune for race gloves and having frozen fingers after every run?

Introducing the Arctica Goat Leather Race Gloves and Mitts. They are warm, durable and dry and at $100 are far less expensive than anything else on the market of equivalent quality.

Here is our secret:

  • We build all of our gloves completely out of durable goat leather, not mixed with synthetic leather or fabric.
  • Two layers of Heat100 insulation on the top of the hand give you extra warmth and protection from the cold.
  • A Racetec Waterproof/Breathable liner and waterproof treated leather keeps you dry.

Read on for more…

Water-resistant goat leather shell

Leather gloves and mittens for ski racing can be made of many different types of leather. Goatskin and cowhide are two of the most popular. We use goat leather because it is one of the best materials to use to make ski gloves and mittens.

Goat leather is an extremely high-quality leather. It is stronger than cow leather and does not stretch out as much. Additionally, we treat our leather to improve it’s performance against water.

Using a high-quality leather like goat leather allows us to drum dye our leather instead of just surface dying like some other manufacturers do. Drum dyed leather is colored all the way through, which allows the leather to retain all of its natural characteristics. Drum dyed leather looks better than surface dyed leather.

 Arctic Goat Leather Race Gloves

Heat100 insulation

The Arctica Goat Leather Race Gloves and Mitts use two-layers of our Heat100 insulation on the back of the hand and our Heat80 insulation on the palm. This gives you 200gm of insulation on the back of the hand where you need it most, and 80gm in the palm so you can still comfortably grip your poles and zip your zippers. These extremely warm ski racing gloves and mittens offer twice as much insulation as some of the others on the market.

Racetec liner

Our goatskin leather is treated to be water-resistant, but there is also a Racetec Hipora liner between the outer leather shell and the insulation to keep your hands dry. Racetec is a 3-layer membrane that prevents water from soaking all the way through. It is a premium material with a polyurethane coating and a microporous structure. Each layer of the membrane has tiny microscopic holes, called pores, so water cannot get in, but moisture can get out.

Arctica Race Gloves and Mitts - Gw290 Race glove

Shock absorber temper foam padding

We use a viscoelastic polyurethane foam on the fingers and knuckles for extra racing protection. This temper foam offers extreme impact absorption to make sure you won’t feel the sting when you punch the gates.

Arctica Race Gloves and Mitts - GW291 Race Mitt

Anatomic Construction

For added comfort, we created pre-curved anatomic construction for our Goat Leather Race Gloves and Mittens. This slight shaping allows for a close pole grip as well as manual dexterity for things like buckling your helmet strap or zipping zippers.

With all this quality,  you would expect these gloves and mitts to cost twice as much. Our mission is to offer the best possible product, with the best possible quality at a tremendous value. Arctica is pleased to offer the new Goat Leather Race Gloves and Mittens at an introductory price of $100. Get your before they are gone!

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  1. Avatar photoDanijel Bulic says

    Is there a place where you can buy Arctica gloves??
    I’ve been using those ski gloves for a long time,but I want new ones!
    Thank you


    • Avatar photoArctica says

      Hi Daniel- We no longer make the goat leather gloves, but some shops may still have them in stock. Where are you located? We could possibly recommend some shops near you. Or you could try Start Haus or Fuxi Racing.

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