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Best Little Race Ski Shop in Breckenridge

A Racer’s Edge has been supporting skiers in Breckenridge Since 1979. Over the years, this small race ski shop just over a block off Main Street at the foot of Ski Hill Road in Breckenridge has changed hands several times. One thing that hasn’t changed is their commitment to ski racers, custom boot fitting, high quality ski tuning and an exceptional ski rental experience.

Current owner, Chuck Ginsburg, is part of the history of A Racer’s Edge -working as a boot fitter and ski tuner for several of the previous owners. In 2011, he and Craig Beardsley (a 3rd generation Breckenridge local with a long history in the ski industry including 2 kids who were named to the US Ski Team) re-opened A Racer’s Edge. In 2015 Chuck took over as the sole owner. Chuck has been in the ski industry since 1976 and between Chuck and his 8 staff members they have over 300 combined years of ski industry experience. A Racer’s Edge is the only race ski shop in Breckenridge.

Custom boot fitting is the specialty at the race ski shop in Breckenridge, A Racer's Edge.

Photo Credit: A Racer’s Edge

Expert ski boot fitting

Chuck really enjoys working with ski racers to help them be successful. He takes the equipment road blocks away to enable ski racers to advance to their full potential and beyond. Chuck can see a lot of things going on in the forefoot of a ski boot that affects the way the ski contacts the snow. To rectify these problems, he makes sure the ski racers boots are fit properly. Ensuring their bone structure is lined up properly and everything in their ski boot is aligned properly and anatomically correct. It’s really rewarding for Chuck to see an athlete have break through, especially after having boot work done.

He also really enjoys helping recreational skiers who have foot, ankle or leg problems. Many physical therapists and doctors refer people to him for boot fitting. He embraces having people sent to him as ‘the last resort’. Chuck has helped people with many issues, including club foot, fused ankles, severe abduction, and a 1 inch leg length discrepancy. Chuck is an expert boot fitter, a real “plastic surgeon” as he like to point out. A Racer’s Edge is not just a specialty ski shop for athletes who want world class level performance. It’s for people who just want to ski better and with more comfort.

Race skis, ski boots, bindings, poles and gloves at Breckenridge's only race ski shop - A Racer's Edge .

Everything you need to go fast

A Racer’s Edge is a high performance and ski racing specialty ski shop. They sell high performance and race ski boots, race skis and a handful of high performance all-mountain skis. In addition, they also sell specialty ski racing products like back protectors and body armor, FIS approved helmets, SL and GS ski poles, Arctica ski race suits and full side zip pants.

They offer race products, specialty race wear and early season race pricing. Chuck and his team, attend all the early season race fitting and ordering events. Team Summit, Team Breck, Ski Club Vail, and more. They offer race products at early season (discounted) manufacturer’s sponsored race pricing as well as ski racing services for all of the local ski racing teams. Most ski shops can/will order race product for you, but they do not stock it. A Racer’s Edge is the ONLY race ski shop in Breckenridge that stocks the skis and gear ski racers need. A Racer’s Edge stocks WC level race boots from Atomic, Lange, Fischer and Head. They stock true ZA, ZB, ZJ race stock boots. In addition to SL and GS skis, they also stock DH and SG skis.

In addition to supporting the individual gear needs of ski racers, A Racer’s Edge is a true patron of the sport. They support the sport of ski racing from the ground up. Helping to lower the cost of entry into the sport with donations and new gate panels for Team Breckenridge and Team Summit, as well as new race bibs for the Rocky Mountain Masters. Their sponsorship of these things helps to keep the overall cost of ski racing down and will hopefully afford more people the opportunity to participate in the sport.

A Racer's Edge, the race ski shop in Breckenridge, uses the Wintersteiger Trimjet for ceramic disc side edging of skis.

The edge for all skiers

The tagline at A Racer’s Edge is “the edge for all skiers” because they can give a lot of people the edge they need to ski better. Whether it be through high quality products, expert boot fitting or world class ski tuning. A Race’s Edge offers world class Wintersteiger ski tuning. They have a Wintersteiger Sigma S350 for stone grinding, a Wintersteiger Trim Jet for ceramic disc side and base edging and a Wintersteiger Sigma B for belt sanding. They hand hot wax all skis they tune. Chuck truly feels this is the best way to get the wax to penetrate a ski. A Racer’s Edge also offers many different high performance wax overlays to give you the fastest skis on the hill.

An extraordinary ski rental experience

Not your average internet-based mass ski rental service. A Racer’s Edge offers a much more personalized ski rental experience. Unlike other ski rentals in the area, their custom boot fitters fit your rental boots. This guarantees you will be in a boot that is appropriately sized. And if there are any fit issues they can address it. Because of this, you will have a much better skiing experience from A Racer’s Edge rental boots. In addition to higher quality rental boots, their rental skis are tuned and waxed every time they are used. Consequently they have a lot of ski instructors that refer people to them for ski rentals.

A Racer’s Edge is a ski specialty shop, so that is all they do. During the ski season, they are open 7 days a week. In the summer they are open by appointment or chance. There is great parking available, with parking lots both behind the store and across the street. Plus on-street parking on two sides. Next time you are in Breckenridge be sure to stop in and say ‘Hi’ to Buddy and Tana…and of course, Chuck and his crew too!

Buddy and Tana - A Racer's Edge shop dogs.

A Racer’s Edge shop dogs – Buddy and Tana.