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Behind the Scenes: Arctica Product Photo Shoot

Ever wonder where all those product photos on the Arctica website come from? We spend countless hours each year in professional photo shoots. Here’s a look behind the scenes at a professional photo shoot for our Arctica Speed Suits.

Product Lighting

We schedule the photo shoots in a studio with high ceilings, bright white walls and large windows where there is plenty of natural light. In addition to the natural light, there is still a need for supplemental lighting to create a look that is natural, even and dynamic. The initial equipment and lighting set up can take several hours just to get the first high quality photo. Once everything is set up for the first shot though, subsequent photos can be taken in much less time.

Behind the scenes at a product photo shoot for the Arctica website.

Product Styling

Mannequins are used to display the apparel in a life-like manner. The photo stylist on set insures that the clothing is not wrinkled or dirty and the mannequins are dressed properly and styled in an appealing way. To fully show all of the garment, shots of the Arctica products are taken from several different angles. As a result the stylist must re-style the shot each time the product is moved. This too can take a bit of time. Thanks to the wonders of digital photography, we can view the shots as they are being taken and adjust positioning, lighting, exposure, and focus. This saves us from having to go back in to the studio at a later date. Once we are sure we have the right shots, we can wrap up the shoot.

Behind the scenes at a product photo shoot for the Arctica website.

Product Photo Enhancements for the Arctica website

Once back at the photographers office the photos are digitally edited. First the mannequin’s head, hands and feet are removed from the photos. Next,¬†the background is removed. Finally, shadows are added to mimic a natural setting and provide depth and interest.

Behind the scenes at a product photo shoot for the Arctica website.

In addition to the other edits in this speed suit photo shoot, you can see the inside of the collar of the suit is also digitally added. The end result – apparel that looks interesting and natural for the Arctica website!

Tattoo Speed Suit Front product photo for the Arctica website.

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