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A Note From Our Founder

Dear Arctica Family,

I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of the skiing community. I appreciate how valuable my time on the slopes is with my family and friends. Skiing connects us. It has brought all of us together and is the reason you’re reading this message now. I feel immensely grateful for your support of Arctica. Thank you.

Obviously, things are not business as usual. For this reason, I have decided to suspend all communication having to do with marketing for the foreseeable future. It just feels out of touch and inappropriate. We don’t need to clog the airwaves with messages on what race suit you should buy as there are bigger things to deal with right now. If you need something our website is always open.

Now a little about what’s been going on inside Arctica:

Our Hong Kong office has been dealing with many issues over the past year. With last year’s riots to the coronavirus, they have really had a tough go. Because they have taken the necessary precautions, we are thankful that our staff and their families have remained healthy. They continue to be diligent with washing hands, wearing masks when in public, and cleaning all surfaces several times a day. They are also reaching out to the community to help local businesses in maintaining clean areas. I have learned a lot from them to help us prepare and keep our U.S. staff and families safe as the pandemic sets in here.

In the U.S. we are now all working from home. The distribution center is operating on reduced hours, with only essential contact with our shipping partners.  We are also in the process of reaching out to local government to see what part of our infrastructure might be helpful in supporting the community. As things develop, I will keep you informed in ways that you might also be able to participate and share ideas.

I hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy. I would like to encourage everyone to reflect on what you appreciate about your family, our sport, and this past season and share it on our Facebook and Instagram page. Now is a great time to reflect and connect. We would love to see your favorite pictures from this season.
I’m already hungry for next season. I know that as we pull together to get through this crisis it will make it that much sweeter.

Stay safe,

Geoff Werner
Founder, Arctica

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