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27 Amazingly Inspiring Quotes From Ski Racing Greats

In alpine ski racing, it’s always a battle to maintain a positive and competitive mindset. Self-doubt can creep in easily, and sometimes laziness can too. Therefore, it’s imperative to constantly seek encouragement, improvement, mentorship, and inspiration. Here were at Arctica Race present you a list of 27 inspiring quotes from ski racers.

1. “When you fall, get right back up.”-Lindsey Vonn

2. “It’s good to ski for fun, but I also want to win as many races as possible.”-Hermann Maier

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3. “Sometimes it’s all about the win…sometimes’s it’s about the skiing!”-Bode Miller

4. “I feel like, with ski racing, you need to have a short memory. You crash all the time, and sometimes it’s a really bad one. But sometimes it’s not so bad.”- Lindsey Vonn

5. “We should tell our kids to just have fun, participate and not get bent on winning or losing. But every coach, when they say that, they say it tongue in cheek, ‘Don’t worry about winning’: If you win I’ll get you ice cream, but if you lose I’m going to pout in the car.”-Bode Miller

6. “I don’t put anything in front of taking ski racing and sports seriously.”-Bode Miller

7. “Obviously, you always want to win, but you want to win by skiing a race that you’re proud of and you feel like you really challenged yourself and left it all out there.”-Bode Miller

8. “It’s not quite as important who you beat as that you end up on top.”-Bode Miller

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9. “When you back off, it’s easier to do mistakes. For me it’s better to ski fast.”-Bode Miller

10. “It’s to be expected. If you’re the best, you deserve the most attention for what you’re doing.”-Ted Ligety

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11. “You’ve just got to get in the starting gate and throw down whatever you’ve got.”-Ted Ligety

12. “You can create your own miracle, but you do it by never looking past all the little steps along the way.”-Mikaela Shiffrin 

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13. “It is still about the process of a ski race. No matter what else was happening, I kept thinking that I had to keep my skis moving down the hill. Keep going, don’t quit, don’t stop.”-Mikaela Shiffrin

14. “It’s like getting down a tough racecourse. Things you don’t expect come up and you have to adapt. You can’t let it throw you off. You have to cope. Those are all really valuable skills, in life and racing.”-Mikaela Shiffrin 

15. “I believe there is always a faster way to do things. Whether it’s learning to hit a backhand in tennis, learning high school chemistry or getting better at ski racing, I really believe with hard work and analytic preparation, you can skip a few steps and find the faster way.”-Mikaela Shiffrin

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16. “I will want to win. But the result of the race will not motivate me. I can honestly say that I am motivated by improvement, not results. That’s a core principle.”-Mikaela Shiffrin

17. “I’m no superhero, and how I got here is a crazy path that probably could not be replicated. But it doesn’t have to be replicated. I may have become a world champion quicker than most, but people should look at me and realize there are all kinds of ways to get where you want to go. Because we didn’t plan it. We just did it.”-Mikaela Shiffrin

18. “It’s a good lesson that no matter how good you are, you can’t take your foot off the gas. We’re all here to inspire the rest of the world with our sport, and that’s exactly what I’m planning to do.”-Mikaela Shiffrin

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19. “If I don’t win, it’s because of something I did with my skiing, and if I do win it’s because of something I did with my skiing.”-Mikaela Shiffrin

20. “I envisioned your questions. I wrote down the answers in my notebook. I’ve envisioned this moment for quite a while. I’ve envisioned myself on the top step of the podium and on the third step of the podium. I’ve envisioned myself crashing, and I know what mistake I’ve made in my head.”-Mikaela Shiffrin

21. “If you go around being afraid, you’re never going to enjoy life. You have only one chance, so you’ve got to have fun.”-Lindsey Vonn

22. “Follow your dreams. If you have a goal, and you want to achieve it, then work hard and do everything you can to get there, and one day it will come true.”-Lindsey Vonn

23. “I want to keep pushing the limits to see what’s possible. That’s the nice thing about ski racing – no one is stopping you from going faster.”-Lindsey Vonn

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24. “I always channeled what I felt emotionally into skiing – my insecurities, my anger, my disappointment. Skiing was always my outlet, and it worked.”-Lindsey Vonn

25. “It’s sexy and beautiful to be strong.”-Lindsey Vonn

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26. “I have a race routine. I have a team of people helping me. I have winning habits. I believe in myself. I have balance in my life.”-Lindsey Vonn

27. “I don’t want to leave skiing early. I want to feel like I’ve done everything I can do.”-Lindsey Vonn

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