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The Race Suit That Started a Revolution

Ten years ago, when Arctica was launched online, we did so under the guiding principles to provide excellent customer service and products that have great style and value. The most iconic example of these tenets is the Arctica RACEFLEX race suit launched in 2013.

The Revolution begins!

When we started our company 10 years ago we did it on the basis of offering great quality products with excellent customer service with great style and value. Those principles still drive our company as it did then.

RaceFlex reveal from a 2016 Press Release

RaceFlex reveal from a 2016 Press Release

We don’t run with the pack

It would have been easy for us to make our race suits just like everyone else, charge the same price, and blend in with the rest of the pack. Arctica always looks for a better way to serve the customer. To us, customer service is not just being nice on the phone. It starts with always thinking about what’s best for the customer and to provide that viable alternative.

Two ski racers wearing Arctica USA GS Speed Suits

The Arctica USA GS Speed Suit

Let’s talk fabric

In a race suit, the critical element is the fabric. It has to be fast, safe, and perform. As textile innovators, we took on the challenge of developing our own proprietary fabric that met all the performance standards required by FIS to be able to carry the mark of approval. We dubbed it RACEFLEX. It’s a three-layer polyester knit that is laminated with a breathable film that allows air to pass thru at the lowest acceptable rate acceptable by FIS. Of course, there is some secret sauce blended in that no one else has! Best of all RACEFLEX is ours, and ours alone.

Features of the Arctica RaceFlex Race Suit

Features of the Arctica RaceFlex Race Suit

The features

Each Arctica RACEFLEX race suit has 9-panel construction and is constructed with elastic thread. This gives the suit a nice body-conforming shape that is aerodynamic and fast. High impact pads are all removable to customize to an athlete’s preference. Recently we have also added a pass pocket inside the center front zipper. Silicone leg grippers hold the legs in place plus a spring-loaded zipper pull stays flat even at Mach speeds.

Ski Racers wearing Arctica RaceFlex Race Suits

Ski Racers wearing Arctica RaceFlex Race Suits

The popular favorite

The Arctica Raceflex race suit has quickly become the popular favorite on racecourses around the country and abroad. The combination of performance and style and value has clearly resonated with racers and families that are looking for ways to stretch their dollars and remain competitive. Arctica Raceflex race suits are available in adult and youth sizes at where you can enjoy free shipping on all orders.

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