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Ski Team Jackets: Arctica Team Program

It’s not too late to order ski team jackets

The Arctica Team Program is different from most in the ski industry. All of the jackets we sell are available to purchase as ski team jackets. Unlike other programs where the jackets are cut to order, we stock all product year ’round. Therefore, you can order from stock 365 days/year. No need to place your order months in advance. In order to receive the bulk order/team discount there is a 24 piece initial order minimum.  There are no minimums on reorders and reorders are always available.


Okemo Mountain School athletes wearing their Arctica ski team jackets.

Custom embroidery on ski team jackets

Custom embellishment is available, but not required. Often it is more time and/or cost effective for you to take your apparel to a local embroiderer for embellishment – plus you are supporting your local craftspeople. Maybe you could negotiate a discount as a team sponsorship in exchange for some advertising or a tax write off for this person. If you would like us to have your jackets embroidered before we send them to you expect this to add an additional 45 days to your delivery schedule.


Ausblick Racing Team wearing their Arctica ski team jackets.

Core ski racing cuts and colors

All of the jackets from Arctica are available in three core ski racing inspired colors – black, red, and navy. So even if the coaches choose one jacket and the athletes another, all jackets coordinate to create a cohesive team look.

What really sets us apart from everyone else is that these jackets in our core colors are always available. So weeks, months or years later when someone new joins the team they can still get a jacket and look and feel like part of the team. Don’t let anyone feel like an outsider because they don’t have the same ski team jacket that everyone else does. Once you place an initial bulk order, there are no minimums for reorders.

The jackets that work well for the Arctica Team Uniform Program are the Pinnacle Down Training Jacket, the Speed Freak Hoodie and the Comp Jacket. Although a custom embroidered Warm Up Coat or Race Cape would also make an excellent addition to any ski team for a memorable impression on the hill on race day.


Middlebury Ski Club wearing their Arctica ski team jackets.

Jackets for everyone

The Pinnacle Down Training Jacket is a unisex jacket that is available in black only. It is available in sizes XS – XL. The XS works for most juniors and teens, small for teens and women and all sizes work for men. This is the warmest jacket in our line and works well to wear on training days, after racing or just around town.

The Speed Freak Hoodie is our most popular ski team jacket. It is available in Men’s, Women’s and Youth sizes. This is also the most versatile jacket in the line, as it can be worn as a mid-layer or as an outer layer. It’s a great cost effective option that works for anyone on the team at any time.

The Comp Jacket is another great option for a ski team jacket. It comes in both men’s and women’s sizes. The mens sizing runs from XS to XXL, making this a great option for coaches or larger adults. This jacket is available in our traditional core colors but is also available in Sky as well. This is the only ski jacket in our line available in Sky.

Show your team spirit

Ski team jackets serve many purposes. They are more than just a jacket to keep you warm. Having ski team jackets builds team cohesiveness among members. It enhances the spirit of team competition and improves an organizations visibility and name recognition. Show your team pride with ski team jackets from Arctica. It’s easy to order them now, or at anytime throughout the year.