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Ski Racer Spotlight: Anastasia Seator-Braun

Fifteen year old, Anastasia Seator-Braun has dedicated her life to training and ski racing. She aspires to race on the World Cup circuit and go to the Olympics someday. Originally from New Zealand, but living in the US, Anastasia has the unique opportunity to train and race in both countries.

Stasi, as her family and friends call her, spends most of the year in California. Where she is a full-time athlete with the Mammoth Mountain Ski Team. There she is studying at the Mammoth Community Foundation sponsored Independent Learning Center that is hosted by the Mammoth Unified School District. Then for six weeks in July, August and September she goes to New Zealand to train and race with the Stockman Sports Ski Racing Team, at Mt Ruapehu . She is registered to race with both the USSA and Snow Sports New Zealand. In 2018 she will begin racing FIS in New Zealand.

Anastasia Seator-Braun on the podium in her Arctica GS Speed Suit at the Mount Ruapehu Ski Racing Invitational, New Zealand.

Anastasia Seator-Braun was born to ski

Competitive skiing is in Anastasia’s blood. Her great grandfather, who recently turned 91, was a ski jumper from Norway. To this day he still holds the ski jumping record at Mt Ruapehu. Her grandmother was the first NZ Female to compete in International Speed Skiing. And in 1984, was the 18th fastest woman in the world! Her grandparents own a small ski shop in New Zealand, called Eivin’s Ski & Board as well as a restaurant near the mountain in National Park Village. Both of her parents are ski instructors at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. And Anastasia’s godfather owns Stockman Sports and runs the club team that Anastasia skis for when she is in New Zealand.

Anastasia Seator-Braun is dedicated to ski racing

For the 2017-18 season Anastasia will be a second year U16. From November to April, she trains 5 days a week. And is training on snow at least 3 days/week on average 9 months per year. Although this year, with all the snow in California, she will be on snow 11 months (maybe even 12)! So as you can imagine, she’s in a ski racing speed suit pretty often.

In addition to on-snow training, she does dryland training too. Her dryland training consists of weight training and cardio in the gym in the winter. And in the warmer months she enjoys riding her road bike as much as possible. She is also on the local swim team and plays softball. Each summer/fall she participates in a strength and conditioning program with her ski team in preparation for the next ski racing season. All of this training and racing has certainly paid off. This past season Stasi lowered her points in all disciplines, especially in Downhill and Giant Slalom.

Junior ski racer Anastasia Seator-Braun of Mammoth Lakes, CA in her Arctica ski racing suit.

Anastasia Seator-Braun is giving back to the world

Despite this year being one of the best snow years on record for Mammoth Mountain, Anastasia has decided to take a break from the skis for the month of June. This year she will be spending much of the month on her road bike. Racking up the miles in support of children with cancer. She is participating in a fund raiser called the Great Cycle Challenge as part of her dryland training. Monies raised support the Children’s Cancer Research Fund to allow them to continue their work to develop lifesaving treatments and find a cure for childhood cancer. Stasi has pledged to ride 150 miles in June for the cause in hopes of raising $1000. (Why not check it out, and show her some support?)

Anastasia Seator-Braun taking a break from ski racing to cross train on her bike.

We applaud Anastasia and her dedication and hard work. Keep your eye out for this one. There’s no doubt she’ll be going places in the future.