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My Full Side Zip Ski Pant Rant

A Full SIde Zip Ski Pant would be considered by most skiers as a basic item. If fact its so expected that it’s almost taken for granted that you could go to your local ski shop or online store at any time and be able to buy a black Full SIde Zip Ski Pant. So why is it that when I went looking at one, two , three or more shops they aren’t there? They might have a couple but they never have my size. And why do they have to cost $200, $300 or more? Hell, I need to pay for lift tickets too and what about getting my kids outfitted? How am I supposed to be able to afford all this stuff if I’m just a regular guy and want to go skiing. Well, I had enough of that and started my own company I did it because I know that there is a better way to make affordable, high quality ski gear for skiers like us. I know because I’ve been a skier for 40 years and in the outerwear business for almost as long. It’s not that difficult. Use the best factories, use the best materials, be in stock when your customer wants their Full SIde Zip Ski Pant! Too see what I’m talking about come visit me at You wont be disappointed.
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