Justin Youngman

Justin Youngman

Home Hill

Boreal Mountain California

Race League

Ussa, FIS

I am 19 and just began snowboard racing 3 seasons ago. Though I’ve snowboarded since I was a little kid, I have progressed quickly each season on the racing aspect; earning 2nd place my junior and senior year at the CNISSF High-school State Championships and the following season earning a gold in Slalom for the 18-22 men at USASA National Championships. I work full time to support my racing and am currently traveling 3.5 hours to train on the weekends.


Making my mom proud, she has supported me in my racing since I ran my first course. Watching my hard work pay off and the feeling that runs parallel with it. All the gathering support from my friends and family, even if I don’t have the best outcome in a race they will always be there to back me up and to pick me up.


My long-term goal would be to compete on the FIS World Cup tour, short term is to keep working hard towards finishing in the top 15 on the North American/ Race to the Cup tour. Though it is my first season competing on this circuit, I will always strive to do better than the previous race.

Other Interests

I love to be outdoors, anywhere from jet skiing on the lake or hiking with friends. We have stellar mountain biking trails back home that are a blast to spend the day on. Little things spark my interest!

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