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I just finished 8 years of coaching High School and until last year was involved with Masters (East)

Skier, outdoorsman, physician,coach and farmer. Former ski racer and full time coach before medical school. After school and residency, opened a dressage training facility with my wife- who is a profession equestrian. I started coaching again and continued coaching my kids through their High School years. I have been a US Ski Team Physician(volunteer) and travel (mostly) with Women’s World Cup Speed.
I am generally interested in sport (skiing /riding specifically) and kinematics along associated injuries, which are part of the fuel that feeds the drive to stay so active in the skiing.
I usually ski about 40 days a year in the East and additional 2-4 weeks in Europe and the West.


The sight of snow


I continue to search for excellence in my technique, but also I am forever in pursuit of a total ski experience: The mountain, snow,friends and exhaustion

Other Interests

We own and operate an year around Dressage training facility on 50 acres . I am an avid sailor. Music has been an important pursuit for 30 years: The acoustic guitar and my choir(Blackstone Valley Community Chorus) play an important role in my life- especially when I can't be outside.

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