Charlotte Matson

Charlotte Matson

Home Hill

Alpine Valley, Wisconsin

Race League

High school, USSS, Club, (potentially FIS)

Hi i’m Charlotte! I’m going to be a U18 this upcoming season from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Currently I ski for SWAT ski team at alpine valley resort and am apart of the Badger High School Ski Team. And I have been racing for 8 years. I come from a family of 4/6 are ski racers! Last year my family made the decision to move to Wisconsin after I had been living in Illinois for the first 15 years of my life. We thought this was the best decision for my skiing career as it was really hard to be able to being ski racing often with no ski resorts in Illinois. It turns out it was the best decision of my life! Now I get to race everyday of the week and additionally on a high school ski team! Over the past 8 years I’ve just fell in love with the sport. My major accomplishments have been making it both to U14 and U16 Rocky Central Junior Championships in Colorado. In the midwest this is all al there’s strive for! Coming from a small town in Wisconsin, my family and I, always the one representing the Arctica brand just because I always love your guys gear so much!


Personally, I’m a very competitive person and love the competitive atmosphere in ski racing. And my love for the sport! I love being able to go out and ski and train everyday and each run I take through a course I enjoy!


After I successfully succeeded at my goals in my previous years my goal for the 22/23 season is to do well in state for my high school and qualify for Nationals as I was so close last year! But I always strive to work towards being a better ski racer and a faster ski racer every run!

Other Interests

I’m also into Tennis and Lacrosse competitively with school and club. I also love water sports like surfing and water skiing! All my hobbies that I do keep me in shape for the ski season and they make me love ski racing that much more than any other sport!

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