Brenna Butler

Brenna Butler

Home Hill

Tyrol Basin Mount Horeb Wisconsin

Race League

WIARA (High School) USSA, WAJAR(Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Missouri)

I started skiing when I was 4 years old and started racing when I was 5. Skiing has always been a part of my life and my whole family does it. I love skiing groomers but also love skiing back bowls out west. My favorite place to ski is Winter Park in Colorado. I am 15 years old and race for my high school, Tyrol Basin, and Mad Alpine. This year I went to state and was an alternate for nationals. I live 30 minutes aways from Tyrol and I ski 4-5 days a week. Winter is my favorite season. Usually, on the weekends in winter I get to the hill at 8:45 and stay till 3 pm unless I have a race. On weekdays after school, we head to Tyrol for practice and complete my homework and study in the car. I am a straight-A student and take all Honors classes. Skiing is my favorite thing in the whole world because you are outside, with your friends and going fast.


What drives me is my motivation to get better. I know that results will only come with hard work and dedication. I always am wanting to improve myself so that I can be faster and ski tighter lines. I never want to get done with a race and feel like I didn't leave it all out there, I go 100% all the time because you need to train like how you will race otherwise your racing won't get better. You can never stop improving even in the summer I do dry land so that in the winter I can come back stronger.


My short term goals are to improve my arc in the turns and working on generating speed on the flats. Result wise I want to go to State again and go to Nationals. Long term I would like to ski in college on a team or club. After college, I want to continue racing and coach possibly. Skiing is a life long sport and is great for you too!

Other Interests

Outside of skiing, I play soccer and golf. This year I played golf for my high school team and was double rostered on JV and varsity. I played fall soccer but this year our spring season was canceled. I started playing golf two years ago and started playing soccer when I was seven. I love to go on hikes with my family and go canoeing and kayaking. In the summer I also like sailing with my friends and spending time at the pool and lakes.

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