Aidan Flick

Aidan Flick

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I am a 16 year old, Alpine and Boarder-Cross rider with top 10 finishes in both US and Canadian nationals. My early career include notable success as follows; 1st overall ranked in the Western New York series, and podium finishes in all provincial and state level races. I am currently a grade 10 student at Kings Christian Collegiate in Oakville, Ontario. I have a strong interest in mathematics and human kinetics and have earned an honours grade average.


The positive feeling of setting goals for myself on the snow. As well as the adrenaline I feel while standing in the start gate. Everyday that I am on the snow, I have a purpose to get better and to get ahead of my competition.


My goals are to be a part of the Canadian National team and compete for my country at the Junior World Championships and thereafter continue upwards to the world cup level.

Other Interests

My interests outside of Alpine snowboarding vary from working out and becoming stronger to traveling across North America, hiking and adventuring with my family and friends. Everything that I do outside of riding is focused on benefiting my riding from both a mental and a physical perspective.

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