Affiliate Links

Some clarity on affiliate links

The special link associated with you is any Arctica URL followed by “?ref=[insert your affiliate#]” (not including the quotation marks) Make sure there is a “/” between URL and the “?” – most url’s should automatically have one there. Just go to the page on the Arctica site you want to share something about, copy the URL from your browser bar and append your referral link to the end. Here’s a Facebook post mock up I created that shows the link to the Arctica website homepage:

Using affiliate #6, some examples would be:

  • For the Arctica site in general:
  • For the Jackets category page:
  • For a specific jacket and color (men’s Gate Master Down in Midnight):
  • For all men’s Gate Master Down Jackets:
  • For the pants category page:
  • For a specific pant (men’s Speedster in red):
  • For all men’s Speedster pants:

Any additional questions about link? Email [email protected]