Affiliate FAQ’s

We get many questions with regards to the Affiliate Marketing Program. Before contacting our Affiliate Manager, why not take a look and see if the answer to your question is here!

Q: When I use my phone to send someone a link by copying and pasting a url from the Arctica website into my text and then adding my referral link to the end , the link looks “funny” (see screenshot – referral part of link isn’t underlined). Does this link work?









A: No. If the referral part of the link is not underlined, it is not linked. Sometimes it works to copy and paste a url and add your referral link to the end of the url and send via text, sometimes it doesn’t. If there is any doubt, paste the url into your text, but then retype it completely to add your referral link to the end. Then delete the original pasted url and send!