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Take a Ski Trip

Some of my best memories are of some of the crazy ski trips I took as a teenager. Growing up in Los Angeles we were always driving somewhere to ski. A couple of buddies and I decided to take a two week trip to visit friends in Sun Valley and Jackson Hole. Translated that means “free place to stay”. Only one of us had a car which was a Dodge Colt hatchback. Two of us sat in the front while the third person had to lay on top of all the gear and boot bags in the back. Of course each of us had to have two pairs of skis. We had to strap them to the hatch in the back because the roof was caving in when we put all six on top. We drove from LA to Sun Valley in 12 hours without stopping except for the occasional pit stop. We were so burnt out from driving we could not ski the first day.

Our ride, the one in the background, not the Porsche!

We recovered by the next day and we were treated to about 8 inched of fresh snow. This was all new for us being used to “Sierra Cement” typical of the West Coast. Conditions stayed this way for the next week. Everyday fresh snow, party at night. Sweet!!

The Posse. Me in the middle with the Volkl’s

Stay tuned for my next post on the next leg to Jackson.

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