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Top 5 Ski Racing Suits for Men for 2017-18

With seventeen speed suit designs in the the 2017-18 collection, we’ve got a ski racing suit for everyone. While we try to produce most suits with universal appeal, some suits just end up skewing one direction or the other. Here’s a breakdown of our top five ski racing suits for men for 2017-18.

Tattoo GS Speed Suit

The Tattoo GS Speed Suit is quite possibly the most masculine speed suit in the 2017-18 collection. It features a predominantly black body with a red, grey and white Chinese dragon wrapping up and around the leg and across the chest. This stylized graphic looks very much like a dragon tattoo. In Chinese culture, the dragon is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it. We wish this for all of our ski racers who wear it!

Tyler Winberg Team Duluth MN Tattoo GS Speed suit FIS race Michigan

Tyler Winberg of Team Duluth MN in his Arctica Tattoo GS Speed suit    Photo Credit: Parent

Marble GS Speed Suit

The Marble GS Speed Suit is a swirl of stripes in black, medium grey and light grey with just a touch of color in the logos and below the knee. Some might say this suit has a bit of a monochrome tie-dye look, others might think it is animal print inspired. It looks a little bit like camouflage, and a little bit like art. This speed suit appeals to many ski racers, but the more conservative colors on this monochrome suit tend to make this suit one of our most popular ski racing suits for men. We think this suit looks a bit exotic and FAST.

GW275 Marble Speed Suit

Cup GS Speed Suit

The Cup GS Speed Suit is a tried and true design that has been in the line for several seasons. It features a black carbon fiber weave look throughout with splashes of color on the right shoulder, left leg and in the logos. Available in red, blue and green (and pink!) this has been a popular suit with male ski racers young and old from coast to coast.

U12 boy Connor Stone in his Cup GS Speed Suit from Arctica

U14 Connor Stone from Snowbird Sports Education Foundation in his Arctica Cup GS Speed Suit Photo Credit: Becky Stone

USA GS Speed Suit

The Racer GS Speed Suit has been a very popular suit for both males and females. The USA GS Speed Suit however, has been overwhelmingly one of our most popular ski racing suits for men. This red, white and blue ski race suit lends a patriotic nod without being too “over-the-top”.

Pico ski racer in an Arctica USA GS Speed Suit    Photo Credit: Tom Martin

Alpha GS Speed Suit

Although not designed specifically for men, the Alpha GS Speed Suit is the newest suit to our list of top ski racing suits for men. It is an all over graphic that includes all the letters of the brand. While available in three colors, the asphalt has been the most popular color for men.

GW278 asphalt front

Arctica GS Speed Suits come in five adult sizes and three junior sizes. These comfortable and durable race suits are made with our RaceFlex fabric and are all FIS approved (even the kids!). Priced at $250 youth/$300 adult these suits won’t break the bank either.

Want some more information about Arctica GS Speed Suits? Read 5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs an Arctica Race Suit. Need more sizing information? Check out Ski Racing Gear Sizing Help for Juniors.

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