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Okemo Mountain School: A Pathway to Success

Okemo Mountain School (OMS) is a winter term ski and snowboard academy in Ludlow, Vermont. Their mission is to challenge and support motivated student-athletes to grow into successful individuals. They deliver a rigorous academic curriculum while providing an intense on-snow training schedule that is not possible in a traditional school setting.

OMS is an independent school approved by the Vermont State Board of Education for grades 5 through 12.Since 1991, they have been assisting their student-athletes in the realization of their athletic dreams without compromising their academic goals. Being a winter-term academy, OMS allows student-athletes to not only excel in snowsports but also remain well-rounded four-season athletes.

For some students, Winter Olympic glory is found by attending ski and snowboard academies. Others receive the benefits of attending a top prep school – with small classes and high college placement ratios – in an environment that also provides high-level ski and snowboarding coaching. For all, they learn to focus, manage their time and prioritize. And along the way, they become awesome skiers and snowboarders and make lifelong friends.

Okemo Mountain School racer in an Arctica speed suit

photo credit: Okemo Mountain School (Facebook)

Okemo Mountain School Programs

Okemo Mountain School offers programs for alpine ski racers, freestyle skiers, and snowboarders. Through the use of progressive developmentally based training, OMS skiers build their skiing with a foundation in fundamentals and a philosophy that concentrates on teaching all aspects of great skiing and ski racing.

Alpine ski racing student-athletes spend their mornings’ training on the slopes of Okemo Mountain. Wardance is their dedicated alpine training facility (trail) at Okemo and is serviced by the Black Ridge Triple to allow for many training runs each morning. Okemo also provides OMS with space on Chief for speed training or other trails to meet specific training goals.

The alpine program has three testing sessions during the summer/fall to identify weaknesses in athletes and give them strategies to improve before the ski season. OMS also hosts a number of summer on-snow camps to keep athletes constantly improving their technique and tactics and keep them skiing fast.

In addition to athletic training opportunities, OMS helps their students to develop as more than just an athlete. Their rigorous academic and training schedules teach their student-athletes how to learn, how to work hard and how to apply themselves.

Okemo Mountain School is a great place to make lifetime friends.

OMS Student-Athletes

Students are selected for admission to OMS based on various criteria.  These include, but are not limited to, academic performance, athletic performance, recommendations, and extra-curricular activities. In addition, the ability to balance a demanding physical training program with a rigorous academic schedule and the desire to become a better competitor are necessary qualities for each student to possess.

The Okemo Mountain School community is close-knit and caring. Student to teacher ratios is generally no more than 2:1. The focus is on each individual student and meeting their personal academic needs. Because of this, the student-athletes love to learn, train and compete.

Okemo Mountain School Expands

To better serve their student-athletes, this year OMS expanded their facilities to include a 5,200 sq ft fitness facility. This facility houses state of the art fitness and weight training equipment, a yoga studio, and an in-ground trampoline. Additionally, it houses offices for coaches and trainers and athlete locker rooms. This beautiful facility will help student-athletes maximize their results and achieve their athletic goals.

The full winter term is 5 months and runs from the end of October to end of March each year. There are also shorter terms available. Most people who are interested visit OMS in January or February and then use March to complete the application. Priority application deadline is April 1.


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