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New USSA ski length regulations for 2017-18

This past May at the USSA Congress, the Alpine Sport Committee revised last years ski length regulations affecting U19 and older ski racers. For 2017, they adopted new USSA equipment rules that will be more inclusive to all.

The new changes mean that U19 and older ski racers will be allowed to compete at USSA races on the same equipment that the U16 racers are permitted to use. Most importantly, they can use giant slalom skis with a minimum radius of 17 meters and there are no length restrictions. Because of this the new 2017-18 equipment matrix should be much more amenable to U19 and older USSA athletes who are not competing at elite levels.

GS course set up for USSA racers in New Hampshire.

2016 USSA ski length regulations

Last year, the Alpine Sport Committee was very focused on standardizing equipment for FIS and USSA competitions across the country for U19 athletes and above age groups. At the Congress, they unanimously approved new ski length regulations that sent shock waves through the ski racing community. The 2016 ski length rule required U19 and older ski racers to compete on a FIS-legal GS skis. These skis have a much larger radius and minimum length restrictions than most ski racers this age were using. Not a big deal for elite level ski racers. Or those that were already on an FIS tract. But this was a huge jump for many recreational ski racers. These rule changes were met with much debate across the country.

U16 racer with a 17m GS ski that meets the USSA ski length regulations


USSA equipment rules revised

Now, after a season of careful evaluation the USSA has revised last years changes to ski length regulations. They have adopted new equipment rules that will be more inclusive to all athletes.

This opens up the ability for USSA athletes to ski skis that are appropriate for their size, strength and ability. — Fred Coriell, owner Peak Performance Ski Shop

For more information, read’s article Major Change to Equipment Rules Equals Victory for USSA Racers to find out more details.

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