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7 of the Weirdest Skiing Superstitions That (Probably) Work

Every sport has its superstitions, and ski racing is no different. In fact, ski racers have some of the strangest superstitions of all. But hey, whatever works, right? If it gets you in the right mental state to win that race, no one’s arguing at the efficacy. But here are the weirdest skiing superstitions we’ve heard anyway:

1. Shaving your legs the night before the race.

skiing superstitions - shaving legs.

…because freshly shaven legs won’t break.

2. Skipping bad chair numbers

skiing superstitions - bad numbers

Lucky number 13? How about no.

3. Eat the exact same thing for breakfast every race day.

skiing superstitions - eating same breakfast.

This isn’t so weird, but it is a good ritual.

4. Clip your boots up the same way every time.

skiing superstitions - boot buckles

Bottom up, starting with the left boot. “If I don’t buckle them up the same way, one of them gets jealous.”

5. Never call ‘last run’

skiing superstitions - calling last run

This could be deadly.

6. Lucky underwear every race day.

skiing superstitions - lucky underwear

More common than you’d think, really.

7. Kiss your lucky egg before the race.

skiing superstitions - lucky egg

…wait, no, that was Cool Runnings. Sorry!

Any crazy skiing superstitions you have that we didn’t mention here? Let us know!

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  1. Avatar photo1MoreRun says

    Lucky Socks! Gotta have them….

    1/2 handful of skittles just before the start!

    Gorilla twisting before the start – keep seeing the pros do it – must be good for something….

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