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You Should Join a Ski Team: 6 Reasons Why

Single chairlifts are a thing of the past, and that’s for good reason. Skiing is so much more fun when you have a team to share it with. While ski racing may be considered an individual sport, a big part of the draw is the fun, camaraderie, and growth of being on a team. Read on for our top reasons for joining a ski racing team. 


Healthy Competition

One of the most exciting aspects of being on a ski racing team is the healthy competition that comes with it. Your teammates aren’t just friends; they’re also your competitors. When you see a teammate improving and getting faster, it’s hard not to be inspired to push yourself to new limits. This constant motivation to outdo one another can lead to incredible personal growth and achievement on the slopes. Healthy competition with your teammates carries into dryland strength training too. 



Bonds forged in the cold, snow, and challenges of ski racing are unlike any other. You’ll distract one another with laughter and conversation on chilly chairlift rides. You’ll support one another at ski races, whether retrieving teammate’s gear from the start, celebrating good race results, or mitigating the blow of a tough race. Shared experiences on the ski hill go so far beyond the bond of being classmates or neighbors. Plus, you’ll have ski friends for life. 

Learning from Teammates

Being part of a ski racing team means you’re surrounded by individuals who share your passion for the sport. Each team member brings their unique skills and techniques to the table. You may excel at pole plants while your friend has mastered the art of maintaining balance over their skis. Skiing together is the perfect opportunity to visually observe and learn from each other’s movements. It’s not just about friendly competition; it’s about growing and improving as skiers together. 

The Norwegian National ski team is an excellent example of this: their results have improved drastically as they’ve embraced a supportive yet competitive team dynamic. Ski Magazine wrote an excellent article on their success. 

Team Unity

Who doesn’t love the idea of rolling up to a ski race with a team of friends, all decked out in matching ski team kits? A unique sense of unity and pride comes with representing your team in style. It’s not just about performing well; it’s about looking good while doing it. Check out our team order page to get your ski racing team uniform and read more about the benefits of team uniforms.

Extra Motivation: Team Racing

You’re no longer just racing for yourself when you’re part of a ski racing team. You’re racing for the entire team, aiming to contribute to its success. This added layer of motivation can push you to perform at your absolute best. Your teammates become your competitors and biggest supporters, cheering you on as you strive for collective victory.


Pure Fun: Skiing with Friends

Above all else, being part of a ski racing team is just plain fun. Skiing with friends who share your passion for the sport can turn an ordinary day on the slopes into an unforgettable adventure. Laughter, camaraderie, and shared thrills make every race day a new memory. 

We can’t think of a better way to spend your winter than skiing with a ski team. At Arctica, all of our best friends are from our days on the ski team, whether exploring the mountain as kids or traveling with the Master’s ski team. Find a club using US Ski and Snowboard’s Certified Clubs list, or google for the team at the ski area closest to you. 


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