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Should I Buy a Used Ski Racing Suit?

This time of year there are ski swaps everywhere. And ski swaps are usually loaded with used ski racing gear, including used ski racing suits. With most new race suits out there retailing for over $375 for kids and $500 for adults it can be pretty tempting to buy a used ski racing suit.

Two examples of the used ski racing suits

Two examples of used ski racing suits

Things to know before you buy a used ski racing suit

  1. Used ski racing suits are usually pretty stretched out. Don’t rely on the size on the tag to guarantee it will fit your kid. By the time a ski racing suit makes it to a ski swap it could potentially have stretched an entire size.
  2. A stretched out ski race suit is thinner than it was when brand new. Therefore it provides less warmth and little wind resistance.
  3. Many older ski racing suits do not have removable pads. Or, they’ve got no pads at all. Most ski racing programs suggest the use of ski race suits for the protection the pads offer, not to shave hundredths of a second off of your 10 year olds time.
  4. Older ski racing suits are not FIS approved and do not have the FIS CS 2015 label on them, so they are not be legal for use for USSA or FIS ski racing.
  5. Zippers don’t stretch. So even if you find a size small suit that has stretched into a size medium and now fits your 15 year old son, likely the zipper will cause the suit to pull tighter/ride up in the crotch. Good luck getting him to put on an uncomfortable suit, even if “all the other kids” are wearing them.
  6. There is a reason this suit has ended up at the ski swap. Likely the bottom of the leg is shredded from the skis slicing the fabric. Or the torso is full of pills where the velcro from the previous owner’s arm guards rubbed.
Used ski racing suit problems

Used ski racing suit problems

There are other options

Arctica offers the Raceflex GS Speed Suit in adult and youth sizes. Brand new, this ski racing suit retails for under $350. In fact, the youth suits are $300. That’s less (a lot less!) than that new Nintendo Switch your kids want. And a whole lot healthier for them to be out skiing than sitting in front of a screen playing games.

Should I Buy a Used Ski Racing Suit? on Arctica

Available in 14 styles for adults and 13 styles for kids, there is sure to be one that your ski racer will love. These race suits are made from a 3-layer stretch polyester that is thick and highly durable. They have removable high impact pads for optimal protection. And they all meet the FIS 30ml air porosity requirements and bear the FIS CS 2015 label. Even the youth suits!

So before you go out an buy a used ski racing suit because it’s cheap. Remember, there’s a difference between cheap and a good value. Arctica speed suits are not only a good value, but your kids will love the looks of them too.

Editor’s Note: This blog post was revised 11/4/19 to include current season product images and pricing.

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  1. Avatar photoRaider Eddie says

    Hi there, I am a middle of the road beer league racer with more emphasis on the beer than the racing. I am overweight 65+ yr. with the build of a cannonball, good legs, arms but huge in the gut. Are there any races suits that would make me look fast?


    • Avatar photoGeoffrey says

      Hey Raider,
      Thanks for asking, and yes a new Arctica race suit will make you look faster! Check out the Patriot or Tsunami, both are awesome. Send us a photo when you hit the podium!

    • Avatar photoGeoff says

      Hello Ani, As of 3/28/20 we have no plans to further mark down our race suits or shorts. Thanks for asking.

  2. Avatar photoJo says

    My daughter is 5’1” height and is 104 th 105 pounds. She is 17 . What size suit should I get a youth large, an adult xtra small, or adult small. The listed weights on the chart for adult sizes seems odd to me so I need help. Thanks.

    • Avatar photoarctica says

      Hi Jo- Although your daughter has height and weight numbers that could fit her into either a youth Large or adult XS speed suit because she is 17 years old (and probably has a more mature build than a child of that height and weight) we would put her in an adult small speed suit.

    • Avatar photoarctica says

      Hi John- For a 13-year old that is 5’2″ and 110 lbs we would recommend the adult small. She is right at the top of the youth large size chart, which doesn’t give you much wiggle room. The adult small may be a little roomy, but should fine, and she should get more than one season out of it.

  3. Avatar photoNoemi Arzaga Leo says

    Our 12 year old daughter is 4’7″, 78 lbs, 23.5″ waist, 25″ inseam. We are thinking about a youth medium Foo Dog race suit. Do you think that would be the right size? Or should we go with the large? We would like for her to get a few seasons out of it! Also, does the Foo Dog come with pads & meet the USSA standards?

    • Avatar photoarctica says

      Hi Noemi! We completely understand wanting to get a few seasons out of a ski racing suit but recommend for optimal performance that the suit fit as close to her current size as possible. For all speed suits, height does trump weight, but that should not be an issue – according to the size chart your daughter is solidly a size youth medium. All of our GS Speed Suits come with removable pads and meet the current USSA Standards.

  4. Avatar photoSolange says

    will you be having more Adult Cup GS Speed Suits, Blue color, in size Small available soon ?

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