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An Ode to Ski Racing Moms

This one’s for you, ski racing moms

You take us to ski races both near and afar

Two kids, four pairs of skis and us in the car

You stand on the hill through wind, snow and rain

You cheer and you shout, but never complain

You make sure we have all the gear that we need

And when we forget something, you find it with speed


You pick up after us when we leave our side zip pants on the hill

And encourage us to push on when we think we’ve had our fill

You drag piles of our jackets to the bottom of the course

Not a word of discontent, disdain or remorse


Ski racing moms are a dedicated bunch

There without fail, you don’t miss a punch

You truly are our number one fan

Thanks for being there to do what you can

You’re our sherpa, taxi driver, gear manager, photographer…and so much more!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the ski racing moms out there!

Ski racing moms stand by our side through it all.

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