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2019 Arctica Speed Suits Revealed

The 2019 Arctica Speed Suits designs are out! And as of August 1, they are available for pre-order to be delivered by September 15, 2018. With 9 new styles and 8 returning styles for adults, plus 8 new styles and 6 returning styles for youth, there is something for everyone in the 2019 line. These great looking and great fitting ski racing suits are FIS approved and still under $300. Plus all internet orders that ship within the continental USA ship for free all the time.

Amp GS Speed Suits

Arctica Champ GS Speed Suits in Red, Blue and Lime

The Amp GS Speed Suit is a brand new design for 2019. This design will be replacing our long-running (and very popular) Cup GS Speed Suit. It is available in both adult and youth sizes. This sharp looking race suit is predominantly black with an all over repeat “a” graphic in red, blue or green. With it’s traditional colors, yet modern graphic, this race suit is sure to be a go-to suit for many athletes and teams. You’ll be a champion in the Arctica Amp GS Speed Suit.

Foo Dog GS Speed Suit

Arctica Foo Dog GS Speed Suit

The new Arctica Foo Dog GS Speed Suit features traditional Chinese guardian lions, often called Foo Dogs, to protect you when you race. The added protection of the Foo Dog is intended to inspire strength and confidence in all who wear it. Foo Dogs are also considered good luck symbols. As traditional Chinese culture would have it, there are two foo dogs – a male and a female on this black carbon fiber look suit. Working together to provide harmony and completeness. To complete the balance – the yin and yang. This powerful design is available in both adult and youth sizes.

USA GS Speed Suits

The all new 2018-19 Arctica USA GS Speed Suits in midnight and black.

Brand new for the 2018-19 season is an updated USA GS Speed Suit Design for adult and youth. This modern take on our previously more traditional USA design is bold and powerful. It features a wide diagonal stripe of color on subtle star print background with a stars and stripes badge on the chest. For those who prefer a darker look, this ski racing suit is available in black in adult sizes only.

Racer GS Speed Suit in Ocean

Arctica Racer GS Speed Suit in Ocean

If you like the clean lines of the Racer GS Suit, you’re sure to like it in our fresh new color – ocean! Available in both adult and youth sizes, this color does not skew male or female. It is sure to be popular with both. It’s a great color for girls who aren’t “pink girls” and for any male regardless of age. We think you will really like this attractive variation of the Racer GS Suit.

Butterfly and Hummingbird Speed Suits

Two female specific Arctica GS Speed Suits for the 2018-19 season are the Butterfly and Hummingbird. ski racing suits

In true Arctica form, we have two fantastic female-specific GS speed suits for the 2019 ski racing season. Both are available in adult and youth sizes.

The Arctica Butterfly GS Speed Suit is a multi-color butterfly graphic on a very light lavender background. It features intricate, almost hand-drawn looking butterflies in red, orange, yellow and dark purple all over the suit. This speed suit is young and feminine and fun.

The Hummingbird GS Speed Suit is an amazing collage of hummingbirds, butterflies and flowers on a black geometric ground. It’s bright and happy and colorful. This suit is a real chameleon. It looks great with every single  jacket or pant in the line. We especially like it with a pair of hot pink side zip pants or shorts. But it also looks great with lime or ocean or tangerine. This unique ski racing suit even looks great with optic yellow pants and of course – black.

2017-18 Arctica GS Speed Suit designs that will be returning for the 2018-19 season


Returning for 2019: 8 suits are back by popular demand

Returning for 2019, and also available for pre-order now are eight of our most popular suits. The Racer GS Suit in midnight/lime, black/charcoal, and midnight/orange are available. Additionally, you can reserve your Alpha GS Speed Suit in Asphalt, Tangerine or Ocean now too. Plus Goldfish and Marble are available as well. If you missed out on any of these suits last season – don’t delay, pre-order now.

Pre-Order your speed suit now

Speed suits are made in limited quantities and the best ones sell out quickly. The longer you wait, the harder it is to get what you want. Reserve the race suit you want by placing a pre-order.

Act now to guarantee shipment of your new ski racing suit no later than September 15.

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