Zach Trotto

Zach Trotto

Home Hill

Wild Mountain, MN

Race League

High School, USSA, and FIS

I do a lot of skiing and biking, and have been ski racing since 4th grade. Last year I began racing USSA, and this year I began racing FIS. These have helped me to push myself more to improve, which has really payed off. After this year, I’m going to be going to college at the University of Minnesota Duluth, where I plan to keep racing.


The willingness to get better, and always improve.


I want to progress more with my racing, and be more competitive in some of the bigger races, such as, in the future, USCSA Nationals, or qualifying for to US Junior Championships.

Other Interests

I do a lot of road and mountain biking, along with a little bit of golfing.

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